XAU/USD is the same financial instrument as EUR/USD while XAU/EUR is the same financial instrument as USD/EUR. Together we have EUR/USD Vs USD/EUR.

XAU/EUR dropped 25 points today while XAU/USD rose 26 points. EUR/USD today traded 92 pips while Gold as EUR and USD traded 26 points or 28% of EUR/USD. Always view XAU to trade 1/3 of EUR/USD on any given day.

What I never understood is traders and trade services don’t understand such things nor has trade crowds found enough curiosity to investigate.

By trading XAU/USD and XAU/EUR together, 2 trades are available everyday. As XAU/USD tops then XAU/EUR bottoms then comes reverse longs and shorts for more profits and continuous trades.

26 and 25 points allowed for 51 available points. Here’s 2 trades for the next 24 hours.


Long above 2014.95 to target 2032.30

Short 2032.30 to target 2028.30

Short below 2014.95 to target 1997.59

Long 1997.59 to target 2001.60


Long above 1836.72 to target 1853.39

Short 1853.39 1849.55

Short below 1836.72 to target 1820.04

Long 1820.04 to target 1823.89

Brian Twomey

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