S & P’s: levels, Ranges, Targets

From S & P’s close at 2621.75 and written in Feb 11 post, the bullet points:

1. Extreme prices located from 2698.59 to 2988.25 and top is 2900.00. 2. S& P’s in dire need of correction due to extreme overbought from 2509.25 and lower averages.

3. Most vulnerable to break lower is 2509.25 then 2319.33 and 2226.73. 4. Current averages Peaked, higher price not justified.

5.Most immediate targets are located at 2648.45, 2542.31, 2454.13, 2391.50, 2351.47, 2312.33, 2262.46 and 2213.65. The averages to watch and most vulnerable to breaks are at 2509.25 and 2319.33. 6. Averages to hold from correction 2319.33 and 2316.87.

Here’s the 2351.10 S & P’s at 600 points lower, 2319.00 held, correction occurred, target at 2351.47 correctly called.

Its customary for financial market prices especially currencies to trade to extremes as did the S& P’s to 2900’s. The current drop is the result of extreme overbought as the only direction was lower to unwind overbought.

Not sure bear market commentary is warranted and from where as the S&P’s were 61.13 in Jan 1974, and 672.14 March 2009 and topped at 2941.86 in November 2018.

From current 2351.10 next major lower points are located at 2337.06 then 2258.53 and 2157.49. Above 2432.11, 2595.37 and 2725.55.

Overall range 2337.06 and 2258.53 Vs 2725.55. The best target above 2725.55 is located at 2866.53 to inform 2900’s to 3100’s will severely struggle as severe overbought begins again and good sell points.

To break 2725.55 overall will require most extreme to positive USD news, S& P terrific earnings news and another rate hike may not see 2725 crack.

Current S & P’ at 2351.10 is oversold and targets are located at 2412.30, 2428.92, 2479.17, 2521.30, 2567.41, 2584.57 and 2631.57.

Targets inform 2595.37 represents a tough break and the only target available above is 2631.57 to mean 2725 holds.

Failure to break 2595.37 means good sell point then to target 2521.30, 2479.17, 2428.92 and 2412.38.
Targets inform 2337.06 holds and 2595 represents tough break point as a 200 point or so trading range may be the norm for the next months.

Not only do I forecast and correctly hit currency targets but over many years, targets were correctly forecast to interest rates, yields, oil, commodities. As long as a number is attached, I correctly call it and all profit. Contact for signals if interested.


Brian Twomey

CHF Emerging Market Break Points

26 Total Currency Pairs, 4 contain range problems CHF/JPY, CHF/SEK, CHF/SGD, CHF/THB yet SGD and THB contained problems as USD/SGD, USD/THB and EUR/SGD and EUR/THB. Break Points below

CHF/BRL 3.8872

CHF/CAD 1.3328

CHF/CNY 6.9122

CHF/CZK 22.7365

CHF/DKK 6.5709

CHF/EUR 0.8806

CHF/GBP 0.7847

CHF/HUF 284.5350

CHF/IDR 14700.8930

CHF/ILS 3.7346

CHF/INR 71.7979

CHF/JPY 113.5200 Problem

CHF/KRW 1132.0854

CHF/MXN 20.0623

CHF/MYR 4.1826

CHF/NOK 8.5090

CHF/NZD 1.4836

CHF/PHP 53.4395

CHF/PLN 3.7822

CHF/RON 4.0994

CHF/RUB 66.6290

CHF/SEK 9.0828

CHF/SGD 1.3807

CHF/THB 33.0387

CHF/TRY 5.4381

CHF/ZAR 14.2272


JPY Emerging Market Break Points


21 JPY emerging market currency pairs and 12 contain range problems while 3 pairs EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY and CHF/JPY exist in G10 and CAD/JPY is on the edge with USD/CAD’s rise today. Break Points below and problem highlighted.

BRL/JPY 29.2333

CNY/JPY 16.4266 Problem

CZK/JPY 4.9933 Problem

DKK/JPY 17.2768 Problem

HUF/JPY 0.3990

IDR/JPY 0.0077

ILS/JPY 30.4005

INR/JPY 1.5817

KRW/JPY 0.1002 Problem

MXN/JPY 5.6618

MYR/JPY 27.1426 Problem

NOK/JPY 13.3455

PHP/JPY 2.1246

PLN/JPY 30.0163 Problem

RON/JPY 27.6927 Problem

RUB/JPY 1.7044 Problem

SEK/JPY 12.4992

SGD/JPY 82.2189 Problem

THB/JPY 3.4360 Problem

TRY/JPY 21.0050 Problem

ZAR/JPY 7.9885



G10 Break Points, USD and EUR Emerging Market Break Points


Problem Currency Pairs


G10 Currency Pair Problems
EUR/JPY remains problem pair 3rd week, range problem.
CAD/JPY remains, CHF/JPY, AUD/JPY and USD/CHF enters problem status,
EUR/CAD remains problem status and EUR/GBP leaves problem status. Pure USD driver this week.
AUD/JPY problem means AUD/USD driver. EUR/GBP leaves problem status means EUR/USD the driver.
CAD/JPY problem means USD/CAD the driver. USD/CHF problem and not CHF cross pairs means USD the driver.
CHF/JPY problem informs and always early warning to JPY cross pairs are mispriced and must move.
Notice USD/JPY not on the list. Note also reported last 6 weeks JPY cross pairs at neutrality. Neutrality is over and movement begins again.
USD/CAD more overbought than GBP/USD is oversold. Both are main drivers this week in overall currency markets.
                          G10 FX Break Points
Break points, carefully calculated MA’s, break above or below results in significant moves.
EUR/USD 1.1449 EUR/JPY 128.97 EUR/CHF 1.1361 EUR/CAD 1.5128 Problem pair
EUR/NZD 1.6850 EUR/AUD 1.5782, AUD/EUR 0.6337, Which decides AUD/USD EUR/GBP 0.8906
GBP/USD 1.2860 GBP/JPY 144.86 GBP/CHF 1.2758 
GBP/CAD 1.6981 GBP/NZD 1.8925 GBP/AUD 1.7723, Australia’s original pair,Pegged, dates to 1800’s
AUD/USD 0.7255 AUD/JPY 81.72 Problem pair, Noise issue AUD/CHF 0.7199 AUD/CAD 0.9582 AUD/NZD 1.0676
NZD/USD 0.6797 NZD/JPY 76.56 NZD/CHF 0.6744, now aligned sine last report to NZD/USD
NZD/CAD 0.8979
USD/CAD 1.3214 CAD/JPY 85.28 Problem pair CAD/CHF 0.7513
USD/CHF 0.9930 Problem CHF/JPY 113.53 Problem
USD/JPY 112.65 CAD/ZAR 10.65 Vs EUR/USD 1.1449, vital relationship in all currency markets
                                       USD and EUR Emerging Market Break Points
USD/BRL 3.8550, USD/CNY 6.8607 USD/CZK 22.57 USD/DKK 6.5229,
USD/HUF 282.49, USD/IDR 14598.86 USD/ILS 3.7054
USD/INR 71.33 USD/KRW 1123.59 USD/MXN 19.92 USD/MYR 4.1514 USD/NOK 8.4353
USD/PHP 53.01 USD/PLN 3.7555 USD/RON 4.0702
USD/RUB 66.0920 USD/SEK 9.0196 USD/SGD 1.3706
USD/THB 32.8000 USD/TRY 5.3965 USD/ZAR 14.1063
EUR EUR/BRL 4.4101 EUR/CNY 7.8473 EUR/CZK 25.8253 EUR/DKK 7.4610
EUR/HUF 323.1085 EUR/IDR 16700.7436 EUR/ILS 4.2383 EUR/INR 81.5993
EUR/KRW 1285.2968 EUR/MXN 22.7854 EUR/MYR 4.7486
EUR/NOK 9.6477 EUR/PHP 60.65 EUR/PLN 4.2955
EUR/RON 4.6556 EUR/RUB 75.5983 EUR/SEK 10.3172
EUR/SGD 1.5679 EUR/THB 37.5223 EUR/TRY 6.1725 EUR/ZAR 16.1341
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CHF as Market Protection

USD/CAD V CAD/CHF CHF as protection

Ex. GBP/USD below 1.2983 price went missing to its normal averages.

Brexit failure and GBP/USD fall bottom was found at GBP/CHF 1.2818.

GBP/CHF as protection stopped the risk pair’s further drop.

Same principle as EUR/CHF stops EUR/USD, NZD/CHF stops NZD/USD, AUD/CHF stops AUD/USD. CAD/CHF stops USD/CAD.

Without GBP/CHF 1.2818, GBP/USD would fell far lower to its own 1.2600’s.

GBP/CHF message was no way GBP/USD to fall further. Self contained is currency markets, understood by few. USD/CAD last post spoke to 1.3232 as weekly short point.

Fully factored above 1.3232 was ironically 1.3301 at the upper most extreme. Extremely rare day for any currency pair to trade at uppermost maximum.

Weekly since February, yesterday was 1st time USD/CAD went to furthest extreme for example. More intense overall is USD/USD went missing above 1.3081.

CAD/CHF below 0.7606 was written 0.7548 as normal target , fully factored at 0.7519.

CAD/CHF traded to 0.7461 and 58 pips from 0.7519. Extraordinarily rare to see such a day especially from CHF. Adjustment strategy requires hurry to range views to find bottoms, tops, entry, targets. Why is because CAD/CHF below 0.7566 also went missing, dangerous situation. Certain areas, prices are untouchable.


Brian Twomey



Purpose of CHF in overall markets is protection, a dictatorship to dead stop a price rise or fall, to force ranges, trend changes, continuations, price rest zones, to command types of traded markets.
As currency pairs, CHF offers exact long / shorts levels or trade able zones.
GBP/CHF to GBP/USD we will stop at low 1.2800’s, got it.
USD/CHF is viewed as the Signal pair as every category of currency pairs offers a signal to the wider audience.
CHF/JPY is signal to JPY crosses as example. Then comes Loonie town as CAD/CHF 0.7604 is the exact opposite pair to USD/CAD, its protection to direction and target trend determination.
Both pairs are problems as price noise is astounding, means must move but to acceptable levels.
CAD/CHF high low break point 0.7606, USD/CAD 1.3094. Price noise to complete opposite pairs, more than a problem, its Loonie. USD/CAD multi week average located at this week 1.2970 coincides to CAD/CHF solid line at 0.7705. CAD/CHF longer range target is 0.7763 or USD/CAD 1.2881 but USD/CAD must break 1.2970 and CAD/CHF 0.7705. Tough order. Sell USD/CAD rises, long CAD/CHF drops, leave longer term alone until resolution. Watch USD/CAD 1.3163 and 1.3232, CAD/CHF below 0.7606 to 0.7577 and 0.7548.


Appropriations Committees and CHF Market Purpose

Republicans V Democrats,
2019 Appropriations Law passage contains one aspect, funding the law is quite another story.
All revenue bills, Budgets and Taxes, derive from the House Of Reps. This includes appropriations to all laws. Law passed today, signed by Trump to build the wall, must be funded by appropriations. No wall without funding.
Democrats control the House of Reps, budgets, Taxes and appropriations and its constitutional 1st stop to fund Government.
Trump’s roughest political challenges was nothing in 2018 as the Democrats will work overtime to overturn Trump’s policies.
The 2019 struggle will be seen in Appropriations Committees. Democrats will attempt to neutralize Trump by Amendments to Appropriation Laws slated to passage. Its the Democratic practice dating to Reagan and under all Republican Presidents.
Ex. In a well funded Defense Bill, Democrats will slip a Tax increase Amendment to the bill. Unsuspecting Trump or Republicans sign the bill then trouble as Dems with News Media assistance, cry foul to Trump’s Tax increase. Trump went against his word, can’t be trusted, he’s a loon, impeach.
Mind control as its best but George H.W Bush lost in 1992 by Dem Tax increase amendment. Trump’s to smart for this tactic. Money issues, funding is where action exists in 2019.
                                              USD/CHF and CHF Cross Pairs
USD/CHF Break Point 0.9947, break lower targets massive cluster at 0.9831, 0.9824 and 0.9807 then 0.9771.
From 0.9947 to 0.9831 = 116 pip t range. Above 0.9947 then trades 156 pip range from 0.9947 to 1.0103.
Traditional USD/CHF as dead currency pair so to allow cross pairs to perform the CHF work but also USD/CHF is the middle currency pair within the universe to all its dead range.
CHF/GBP = 0.7857, low man
CHF/EUR =0.8817
JPY/CHF = 0.8788
CHF/USD = 1.0060 Then big guys
CHF/CAD = 1.3354
CHF/AUD = 1.3865
CHF/NZD = 1.4714 highest
CHF/NZD currently untouchable even as complement trade to NZD/USD.
CHF/AUD Contains potential as both Complement trade to AUD/USD and long term target at 0.7500’s, or 1.3300’s.
CHF/USD is middle pair, caught between cross pair crossfire. Designed and structured purposeful in my estimation to protect USD/CHF.
CHF/GBP clearly low means higher for GBP/CHF.
CHF/EUR 0.8817 runs together against JPY/CHF at 0.8788. Fx Trades and FX assistance then contact
     Brian Twomey


FED FUNDS and 9 Year Currency Price Trends

Fed Funds Rate 1/92 to 10/18, or 26 years, Monthly averages 6.54 to 0.07, Mid 50% = 3.30, Current 2.25, So 26 years into Knut Wiksell’s 25 to 50 year neutrality Rate then 2.25 at 26 years is certainty low but not bad as we are on our way to normalization, no need to rush, let data decide. Trump is correct yet again, wait powell


EUR/UD, GBP/USD, USD/CNY and 9Y Currency Trend
Currency Price trends up and down are 9 years,
EURUSD 1.6028 to 1.0345 Bottom, Mid 1.3186,
Big Break today 1.2223. Took 9 years from 2008 to 2017 to drop 5683 pips or 631 pips per Yr from 1.6028 to 1.0345..
Then new 9 year uptrend began 2017 as current price rose 1100 pips already to 1.1400, slated to 1.2500 end Dec 2019.,
Drop 5683 v 1100 pip rise means far higher over next years.
GBPUSD 1.9862 to 1.1926 Bottom = Mid 1.5893 big break 1.4955, Took 8 years from 2008 to 2016 to drop 7936 pips, or 992 pips per year from 1.98 to 1.19.
At 1.2800, rose 900 pips, slated to 1.3900 by Dec 2019, miles higher to go as 7936 drop v 900 rise. USDCNY 8.0351 to 6.0406 bottom, Mid 7.0378. Took 9 years from 2005 Intro to 2014 to drop 1.9945 pips or 2216 pips per year. Now 6.9, rose 800 pips, miles higher to go. Extremely wide range currency cause China Repo rate nation, not interest rate, big difference, affords like SEK, NOK, ZAR, TRY, RUB, INR wide range currency price movements.
9 years on 50 market period scales ups and downs include corrections = 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 47.5. 49.5. Valid? AUD/USD in 1920’s traded 2.9000’s, took 98 years for 0.7200’s. Shorter scale 9 years= 4.5, 2.25, 1.12, 5.6 months. See fibs, don;t look,

Currency Price

Trump, Impeachment, Indictment

Trump, Impeachment, Indictment
 To remain ahead to what’s coming.
The Office of Legal Counsel in Justice Dept updated in 2000 a 40 page paper on grounds for Impeachment and indictment for Presidents, updated since 1970’s and Nixon.
A sitting President cannot be indicted but yes to indictment after he leaves office. Indictment comes only if crimes were committed while in office and only if crimes, grounds and evidence truly exists.
Nixon forced a deeper view as reason why can’t indict is to not disintegrate the United States. The Democrats and Media know the 40 page rulings despite indictment talk.
House of Reps may vote impeachment but Senate Republican majority would never hold the necessary Trial then Impeachment vote. A yes vote to impeachment in House under Dem majority must contain grounds for yes majority vote otherwise vote not coming. Trump is clear and under no grounds for impeachment / Indictment.
Read podesta e mails and respectfully, Dems clear brilliant organizational attempt to take down Trump is obvious. Witch hunt is correct. Dems and Media are playing to future 18 to 40 voters as they are majority Dems. On trial is Capitalism V Communism and winner must emerge


EURIBOR, Interest Rates and EUR/USD


Hoover after the 1929 crash positioned for the first time government fund itself in the short term. T Bills were born and the most vital 3 month interest rate, a rate adopted by every nation on the planet and remains most important today.

Euribor’s slash to 5 maturities from 8 raised the top maturity by a few points and by osmosis the 3 month rate followed. In the last 3 weeks, Euribor 3 month ranged from -316 to -0.320 but settled between -0.318 to -0.320 since Dec 3rd official ECB changes.

-0.318 to -0.320 means 0.682 to 0.68. A higher negative means a lower rate as for example -0.321 = 0.679. and -0.315 = 0.685 Alternative is USD 3 month range from 2.41 to current 2.45 and appears far from Euribor but taken both from total interest averages USD at 1.0027 Vs Europe at 1.0108 then the range is actually 81 points and on the high side by at least 10 points. Tomorrow’s trading, either USD rises or Europe drops but USD is the leader and it decides while Europe and all nations follow. Yield V Yields is an erroneous indicator.

USD based on 2.45 means USD currency pairs at 3 month. USD/JPY 113.69, USD/CNH 6.9257, USD/ZAR 14.3770, USD/CAD 1.3456, USD/PLN 3.8147, USD/CHF 0.9964 USD/SGD 1.3787 USD/MXN 20.3075, XAU/USD 1247.34 USD/ILS 3.7614

EURIBOR V USD Interest Rates

Yesterday Europe Interest rates 1.0108 Vs USD 1.0027, Today 1.0114 Europe Vs 1.0022 USD, or 92 points, up 9 points from yesterday. Europe rose 6 while USD dropped 5 points.

3 month Europe today -0.316 Vs USD 2.41, a meaningless spread, no help to exchange rates, interest rates or any financial market price.

Reported yesterday USD/JPY 113.69, held, USD/CAD 1.3456 held, XAU/USD broke 1247 to 1249 then dropped to 1242.

Its impossible for the 3 month interest rate to ever leave markets. Highlighted here is trade market prices, exchange rates and pure interest rates by understanding interest rates.

No other way exists for 1 and possibly 2 day trades than by interest rates.

EUR/USD for example contains 2 sides, EUR and USD. 2 ways to view this relationship, by Europe and USD interest rates or by pure USD interest rates alone since USD dominates all market prices, by all, this includes commodities, yields, stock markets. Interest rates offer targets, ranges and trade able levels in between. Far easier to understand interest rates and especially currency trades.

EURIBOR, USD, EUR and Draghi

1st lesson to exchange rate trading to yesterday’s 1.0114 and USD 1.0027 interest rates is day trade levels, ranges and targets were known 24 hours prior and no mysteries exist to today’s trade.

Draghi knows quite well today’s levels, ranges, targets. The EUR will trade to its levels, ranges and targets no matter what Draghi says. Draghi is especially irrelevant to longer term target trades. His words either allow trades to progress or hit targets or a currency pair trades against targets in which case, add a lot, wait to target but overall to add a lot means Draghi offered a market gift against extra profits.

EUR/USD is going miles higher, this we know. Sorry but Draghi’s self indulgent importance factors to irrelevance especially in these new days of controlled exchange rates by killing interest rates. Draghi can release bombshell news, still EUR may travel 100 pips and in 1 direction. I’ll demonstrate. EUR/USD bottoms 1.1306, 1.1307, 1.1313, Tops 1.1420, 1.1427 and 1.1433. Big break point 1.1457 for higher or big reverse. EUR/JPY Bottoms 128.28 and 128.36, Tops 129.59, 129.66, 129.73, Big break point for higher or reverse 128.97. EUR/AUD Bottoms. 1.5623 and 1.5633, Tops 1.5787, 1.5781, 1.5800. Big break Point 1.5778,


Euribor today and next 24 hours 1.0115 Vs USD 1.0028. The comedy central of exchange rates not only continues but a reflection of new structural changes and here to stay since 2014 study and 2016 introduction. Note all trading life begins at parity.

As written much, forecasting and day trading became a new game as the old methods no longer counts. Trading platforms however can’t ever change as they are wired to interest rates.

Highlighted yesterday as EUR/USD and EUR cross pair ranges and all ranges held through draghi. Despite bombshell No QE, growth to the downside, EUR/USD ranged 60 pips and not even 1 direction. EUR/GBP roamed 50 pips.

What’s EUR/GBP , its USD/EUR or opposite pair to EUR/USD. Pre interest rate changes on Draghi remarks 100 to 150 pips.

Next 24 hours USD/EUR = 0.8764, 0.8783, 0.8797, 0.8820, 0.8834. Translated to EUR/USD = 1.1319, 1.1337, 1.1367, 1.1385, 1.1410. EUR/USD= set by ECB wide. 1.1222, 1.1289, 1.1294, 1.1415, 1.1483.

Translated to USD/EUR = 0.8911, 0.8858, 0.8854, 0.8760, 0.8709. EUR/USD break Point for higher, or reversal 1.1452. Do we now better understand exchange rates and trading. This not seen in print

Brian Twomey  Trades available contact [email protected]


EUR/USD January and 2019 Seasonal

EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, January Seasonals
Yesterday’s 60 pip move from EUR/USD and wide rangers EUR/AUD and EUR/NZD informs not only is EUR/USD driver to cross pairs but a small 60 pip move on bombshell growth announcements should’ve seen a larger range.
EUR/USD is deeply entangled to USD/EUR and USD pair EUR/GBP. This USD V EUR relationship must break to see wider EUR/USD moves.
USD is the driver but overall in Q3, the G10 in USD V Non USD as drivers to cross pairs are correct historically in currency markets.
EUR/USD January seasonal works as overall since 1999 to 12 down months V 8 up months. 12 down months avg is 294 Vs 285 avg up months. For 2008 to 2018 works as 5 down months V 6 up months with 339 avg for down months V 294 avg up months.
From 1999 to 2008 saw 7 down months at a 262 avg V 3 up months at a 263 avg. For 2008 to 2018 saw a more highly neutral EUR/USD compared to overall 1999 to 2018 and 1999 to 2008.
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WEEKLY Trades DEC 3 to 7


12 Weekly Trades, see perfection to near perfection to entry, exit, target. Normally 2 way prices offered to allow continuous trades all week  but not this week as many prices are to low or to high. We trade for profit, not trade for gambles. Please visit trusted friend’s site at posy end. Brian Twomey, Contact for trades


                            Best trades this week are again GBP and as long as GBP pairs remain at current lower levels then GBP will remain on weekly priority list. GBP/USD, GBP/CAD, GBP/CHF and GBP/JPY. Next favored trades are USD/CAD, EUR/USD and EUR/CHF. Least favored trades are EUR/CAD, EUR/AUD and EUR/NZD.
GBP/USD break Point 1.2953, above 1.3101, 1.3262, 1.3305 and eventually 1.3822.
Strategy. Any price below 1.2953 is fair game for longs as GBP/USD must trade back to 1.2953 and higher. Long 1.2680 and 1.2719 to target 1.2932, Must break 1.2825 and 1.2878. The break at 1.2953 then target becomes 1.3107.
GBP/CAD Break point 1.7032, above targets 1.7127, 1.7222 and 1.7317.Overall GBP/CAD must trade to minimum 1.7061.
Strategy. Any price below 1.6942 is fair game for longs. Caution at 1.7074 for longs above 1.7032 as this line must break to target next at 1.7127 then 1.7222. Long 1.6865 and 1.6842 to target 1.6984 and a must break to then challenge 1.7032. Long
GBP/CHF Any price below 1.2798 is fair game for longs. Break point 1.2873, above targets 1.2979, 1.3036, 1.3193 and eventual must trade to 1.3270.
Strategy. Long 1.2684 and 1.2711 to target 1.2838. Must break 1.2838 to challenge 1.2873 to then target 1.2979.
GBP/JPY Any price below 144.18 is fair game for longs. Break Point 145.78, above targets 146.37, 146.97, 147.59 and eventual must trade to 148.67.
Strategy. Long 143.94 and 144.25 to target 145.47. Caution 145.47 as this is must break point to challenge 145.78 then target 146.37 and 146.97. Caution also at 146.82 as this line may not break this week but serves as good short point to target 146.37 and 145.98.
EUR/USD Break Point 1.1463, above caution at must breaks for higher at 1.1459 and 1.1507. Above 1.1507 then targets 1.1593, 1.1659 and eventual 1.1705.
Strategy. Any price below 1.1349 is fair game for longs as any price below must trade back to at least 1.1349 and higher. Long 1.1203, 1.1235 and 1.1268 to target 1.1401 and 1.1432. Caution 1.1401 must break to challenge 1.1463 then higher.
EUR/CHF Break Point 1.1392, above targets 1.1471, 1.1551 and 1.1631. Below, severe caution at 1.1292 and 1.1249 vital break points.
Strategy. Longs must break 1.1304 and 1.1309 to trade higher. Long 1.1270 to target above 1.1309 to 1.1377. Above 1.1392 then targets 1.1471 and 1.1511.
USD/CAD break Point 1.3151, below targets 1.3057, 1.2963, 1.2869 and eventual 1.2699.
Strategy. Any price above 1.3151 is fair game for shorts. Short 1.1339 and 1.3386 to target 1.3198 and 1.3174. Must break 1.3245.
EUR/CAD Break Point 1.5074, above targets 1.5170. Below caution at lines 1.4957 and 1.4939.
Strategy. Any price above 1.5170 is fair game for shorts as target at 1.4851 must break 1.4957 and 1.4939. Short 1.5170, 1.5189 and 1.5228 to target break at 1.5074 then 1.4997.
EUR/AUD Break point 1.5769, above targets 1.5912 and 1.6055.
Strategy. Long 1.5395 and 1.5422 to target 1.5554 and 1.5604.
EUR/NZD Break Point 1.6954.
Strategy. Long 1.6377 to target 1.6521 and 1.6593.
Break Point 0.8895, below targets 0.8759 , 0.8719 and 0.8623.
Strategy Any price above 0.9161 is fair game for shorts. Caution shorts at must break points for lower at 0.8973 and 0.8914. Short 0.9167, 0.9201 and 0.9235 to target 0.8948 however 0.8973 must break therefore exit just short at 0.9002. A break at 0.8973 then targets 0.8914. Must cross below points 0.9134, 0.9104 and 0.9038. 
 Break Point 0.6763.
Strategy. 0.6911 and 0.6914  reside just above and a break higher at 0.6911 targets 0.6976 and 0.7011. Cautious shorts at 0.6905 to target 0.6809 and 0.6799. Must break below 0.6834 then target 0.6809. 
   Brian Twomey
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EUR/USD and Trade Service


The vast majority of writings over last months were posted on Linked IN to 2300 high quality followers and many many great topics on interest rates, trades, retail loses, interest rates as benchmarks to long term trades, USD V EUR deviation, Q Vs Q trades and Currency markets, ECB’s slash from 8 Euribor maturities to now 5 and implications, definition of a currency price, Fed Funds rate 25 year averages, Knut Wiksell Neutral interest rates.

The actionable and profitable money topics to markets and trades are many to bring a true comprehension to prices and present conditions must be addressed but me as a standalone doing my own research, can’t cover all the necessary topics. Today’s most ridiculous topic is inverted yield curves and recession ahead and wrong as usual to believe inverted when interest rate averages are well secured.

Then the question becomes why bother as traders, trade services and currency analysts devolved into a herd mentality. Analysis, trades and current market topics remain the same from person to person, bank to bank, trade service to trade service, website to website. I respect many at Fx street but contributor analysis and trades aren’t worth the paper its written on. Its the same old story, I’m a 1 man operation doing much work and its difficult to break through the crowds especially when we live on the assumptions goldman sachs says therefore its absolute.

Yet how useful is it to engage in such topics. Did any market topic, central bank meeting, economic announcement have any bearing on The EUR/AUD trade from 1.6300’s to 1.5600’s and a 2 month duration. This and many other longer term trades informs the market topics are the biggest crock of stuff ever foisted on the trading public. Now try and sell this concept to the trading public and most won’t bother reading.

So 2300 followers and 2000 + views now per writing, the result is more and more are flocking to my writings including banks and hedge funds I never knew existed, graduate students, professors, researchers.

The trade service is running and we are all very profitable week after week. Trades are now offered as daily, weekly and longer term, defined as 3 to 5 and 800+ pip trades. Many come and remain for long periods. Weekly trades are the standard 10 currency pairs, USD/CAD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/CAD, EUR/NZD, EUR/AUD, GBP/CHF, EUR/CHF and GBP/CAD.

Included when ready were NZD/USD, NZD/CAD and others. Daily trades are sent twice daily and are interest rate based trades. Contact if interested,


Brian Twomey, btwomey.com, [email protected]