18 Currency Pair Rankings

Due from 18 currency pairs traded every week for many, many years, trades are ranked from best to stand clear or not so good. Weekly rankings were instituted almost 2 years ago by trader request. Interesting is EUR/USD always receives top rankings and rarely receives a stand clear signal. A EUR/USD weekly trade is always available week to week.

The criteria for weekly trades are to trade the easiest trades for a minimum of 150 to 200 pips for each of 18 currency pairs. This may mean longs and shorts or shorts then long but always to continuously trade to profit. This takes much time, discipline and patience weekly to ensure no losses, always profit and to ensure entries and targets are perfect to near perfect.

Normally, weekly profits run from 1000 to 1500 ish pips per week but profits depend on movements or intended weekly moves. Many times, all weekly trades were posted long before the Sunday open for all to view and for all to view 1000 to 1500 pips banked by Friday.

The 6 GBP pairs are ranked separately due from the GBP/USD 2019 fall to 1.1900’s. GBP/USD every week fell flat to 1.1900’s without correction and this earned GBP’s separate rankings to maintain vigilance so to be on guard in case this ever happened again.


Most weeks, rankings are fairly clear from best to stand clear while other weeks opinions take hold. USD/CAD this week isn’t a terrible trade yet USD/CAD ranges this week died and the position to CAD/JPY isn’t the best to location for both trades. Plus USD/CAD as the tracker and follower to USD/EM reveals USD/EM currencies are fairly neutral this week from deeply overbought last week. USD/CAD and CAD/JPY match the revelations to USD/EM.

My job is to ensure weekly profits, done in the easiest trade manner possible and no losses. This I do weekly but never to gamble especially with trader money. We take the sure shot to easiest and most profitable trades.


Favored trades this week: GBP/AUD, GBP/NZD, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, GBP/CAD, GBP/CHF

GBP/CHF earned the distinction of last place for many, many weeks as GBP/CHF lost its range along with USD/CHF as the primary driver. The trades overall aren’t terrible but other GBP pairs take precedence to easy trades and most profits.

GBP/CAD as a highly neutral currency pair earns first to last place rankings week to week. GBP/CAD this week fits to USD/CAD last place and to USD/EM neutrality. It all makes sense when factored by currency pair coordination, connection and the matrix.


Most currency pairs I don’t like this week as the positions and locations are horrible. A few pairs are worth the trouble this week.


USD/TRY and USD/ZAR are deeply oversold and fell very far last week.

Brian Twomey

USD/JPY and Interest Rates

Every currency and market price on the planet trades and moves by an interest rate. Every pip traded and moves is associated to an interest rate. If EUR/USD trades for example from 1.1801 to 1.1802 is backed, associated and known by an interest rate. Its impossible for a market price to move without backing by an interest rate.

Interest rates are highly exact and highly specific however certain interest rates are more valuable to movements than others and its why a currency price contains minor and major points. Minor and major points are seen and known within the context of the total day trade price path.
However the total day trade price path to include targets, ranges, bottoms, tops and points in between is actually an exact moving average system but moving averages quite different than anything known or seen before. An interest rate moving moving average system for day trades cannot match to shorter term moving averages.

USD/JPY 5 day average is located for today’s day trade for example at 110.01 exactly. Mathematically the lows are located from 109.20, 109.47 and 109.74.

While 109.20, 109.47 and 109.74 fits to today’s day trade price path, the numbers are off to interest rates and won’t assist to profits, entries and targets. Nor will all 3 numbers serve as targets or entry points.

USD/JPY highs for today’s day trade is located from 110.27, 110.54 and 110.81. The numbers here are miles off today’s day trade price path and are completely irrelevant.

USD/JPY 20 day average today is located at 110.07 and lows mathematically are located at 109.23, 109.51 and 109.79. At 109.79 is perfectly accurate to interest rates and today’s day trade but 109.23 and109.51 are incorrect as any vital points nor as entries and targets.

USD/JPY above is located at 110.34, 110.62 and 110.90, All are miles off to day’s day trade by interest rates.

Most vital points to support and resistance once established and known holds for 24 hours. Hence the 24 hour trade. Support and resistance are exact and highly specific and established either at the China open or upon the release of interest rates by the particular nation. To not know or miss the vital support ad resistance points could blow an entire day trade.

The difference between USD/JPY and JPY/USD for day trades is 2 pips and not much difference at all yet each establishes the information for correct day trades. The 2 pip differential is fairly standard from currency pair to currency pair and to interest rates per nation which means no difference to interest rates from nation to nation to include positive and negative interest rates. Its a question of proper alignment as comparison.

5 vital numbers for today USD/JPY day trade are located from 109.04, 109.18, 109.37, 109.86 and 110.14. Note the giant difference to above math. The central banks changed the scales and the entire game to day trades however if a central bank traded today’s USD/JPY, all would employ my exact methods as I copied and figured the central bank trades.

USD nor JPY treasury yields fit to today nor any day trade. Yields don’t fit to weekly trades and must be excluded from consideration.

For a perfectly correct view to a wider range based on interest rates, the range is located from 108.57 to 110.60. For 110.60 by math standards is located at 110.54 and 110.81 so 110.54 and 110.81 are still off track.

The complete body of knowledge offered today is extraordinarily wide yet simplistic to understand and easy to trade correctly day trades.

Brian Twomey


As written Sunday for AUD/NZD: AUD/NZD begins the week deeply oversold as shorts are impossible. AUD/NZD closed at 1.0563 and longs are located at 1.0559 to target 1.0633 then 1.0648. for a quick 74 and 89 pips.

Lows achieved 1.0529 for 30 pips to shorts while longs so far achieved +64 pips from 1.0559 to 1.0623 highs. From 1.0529 then +84 pips. Targets failed to achieve yet AUD/NZD remains oversold as more upside will trade.

The recommendation on board for AUD/NZD was short to pay 30 pips to a deeply oversold currency price. Meanwhile GBP/NZD was also deeply oversold from its close last week at 1.9644 and traveled 420 pips higher. EUR/NZD was oversold from 1.6857 to Monday’s open and traded 208 pips higher to 1.7068.

Not only does currency pair trade selection matter but direction must establish before the trade. Gambler’s anonymous is always open with a 24/7 hotline to call. They should open a special department for currency analysts in order to speak immediately to a psychologist.

Or Better yet. FX street should open a comedy club and charge double for drinks as no shortage of talent exists.

Hi I’m Giggles and I lost traders money on AUD/NZD shorts. I shorted GBP/USD cause covid hospitalization were up. Long EUR/USD from 22 hour charts cause Fed Repo rates. Hi I’m a youtube comedian. RSI the real stupid indicator is at 80 and the price traveled higher.

USD/JPY watch those yields. USD/CAD traded lower yet Oil traveled higher. The formula is wrong. Hi I graduated from Gambler’s anonymous. and I’m here to tell my story. A new career is born.

EUR/AUD range today is located from 1.6139 to 1.5974 and not much difference from yesterday. GBP/AUD range is located from 1.8964 to 1.8772.

Note EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD last 3 days traded at top of its ranges. The current spread runs an enormous 2812 pips and should run minimum 2600 pips, a difference of 200 ish pips. That’s 200 pips and where shorts are located from a quick eyeball view.

EUR/USD as written, strategy is long until at least middle 1.1800’s to low 1.1900’s trade. EUR/USD traded to 1.1878 highs. EUR/USD’s moment of truth comes at 1.1908. Break then higher and a failure then 1.1780 and 1.1762.

GBP/CAD also adds to deeply overbought to wide rangers and should’ve included yesterday along with GBP/NZD, EUR/NZD, GBP/AUD and EUR/AUD.

The Fed’s Broad and Tri Party Collateral Repo rate traded 0.05 and ranged from 0.05 t0 0.15 If ever a worthless interest rate traded, its the Fed repo rate as this information won’t earn 1 pip to any currency pair traded on the planet.

USD.PLN achieved 3.8600’s target and +300 pips while USD/CNY achieved 6.4700.

Brian Twomey

USD Vs EM Trade Results

As written in commentary Sunday to USD V EM trades. USD/PLN remains open and severely overbought with a target at 3.8600’s. USD/RON completed and now its USD/MYR’s turn to perform. USD/HUF at 304.00’s remain fairly neutral as well as USD/DKK and USD/HRK while USD/ZAR remain overbought at 14.7400’s and USD/RON at 4.1600’s.

USD Vs USD/EM began the week deeply overbought and is the process this week to unwind from overbought status.

USD/TRY maintains deep oversold status this week and targets 8.6700’s.
Results: Highs 8.6280

Overbought USD/ZAR targets 14.7441 then 14.6967.
Results: Lows 14.7502 and 60 pips to target from 14.8500’s +1000 pips

USD/RON short 4.1855 targets 4.1633
Results: Highs 1.1840 to 1.1519 +207 pips to 1.1633

USD/DKK Short 6.3228 and 6.3264 to target 6.2872
Results: 6.3212 to 6.2811 and +401 pips

USD/KRK Short 6.4034 to target 6.3589
Results: 6.4079 to 6.3366 from 6.3589 then + 490 pips

USD/HUF Short 306.27 to target 303.69
Results: 307.78 to 303.01 and to 303.69 +258 pips.

Brian Twomey


As written yesterday, GBP/AUD range traded from 1.8752 and directly to 1.8850. The problem to 1.8850 is the dangerous market scenario as overbought traveled to further overbought.
GBP/AUD range today is located from 1.8946 to 1.8754 as the bottom rises by 2 pips and top by 96 pips.

EUR/AUD held its range from 1.6097 to 1.5933, lows at 1.6027 and traded overbought to overbought. EUR/AUD range today is located from 1.6131 to 1.5966 as the top rises by 34 pips and bottom rises by 33 pips.

The commonality to GBP/AUD and EUR/AUD is not only are both severely overbought and GBP/AUD is outperforming EUR/AUD but complementary wide range pairs GBP/NZD and EUR/NZD are also located in the overbought stratosphere. All 4 wide rangers decided to travel higher.

The better trades are GBP/NZD short Vs EUR/NZD and short GBP/AUD vs EUR/AUD. GBP/NZD targets 1.9788 while GBP/AUD targets 1.8637. All 4 wide ranger contain miles of downside.
The 3 week strategy to GBP/AUD was short from 1.8700’s to target every trade lower for 100 pips. The current trade is about the 6th round of shorts in 3 weeks.

A target is always identified first then an entry. A target is never wrong because its mathematically correct but this current round of shorts, we got caught by a corresponding mathematical entry.
Problem Trade Remedy

Problem trade mode to missed entry contains 3 options. The first is hold the trade to target, exit and profit. The 2nd option is add 1 lot and trade to entry for breakeven on the first lot. Add 1 lot means hold to 1.8754, breakeven and no losses. The 3rd option is hold 2 lots to target and double profits.

Never a loss in currency trading as a missed entry represents enormous opportunity.

GBP/USD lower must break 1.3833 and today’s bottom is located at 1.3807 and 1.3832.
USD/JPY sits oversold just above vital 109.40 and 1209.11. Any price today in upper 110.00’s is best short to target 110.21.

EUR/USD is fairly normal as longs are located from 1.1798 or below at 1.1771 to target 1.1825 and 1.1838.

Brian Twomey


32 AUD/EUR pips informs from the RBA today’s EUR/AUD day trade range is located from 1.6097 to 1.5933. At a current price of 1.6028 and today’s highs at 1.6048 , EUR/AUD day trade today is short to target 1.5933. AUD/USD informs from weekly and daily trades to long drops until AUD reaches at least middle 0.7400’s. AUD/EUR 32 pips forecasts exactly and correctly 100 ish EUR/AUD pips.

27 AUD/GBP pips informs from the RBA, today’s GBP/AUD range is located from 1.8752 to 1.8850. GBP/AUD 1.8752 and 1.8850 trades in the overbought stratosphere and also targets easily 100 pips lower to 1.8635 then 1.8575. AUD/GBP 27 pips informs easily 100 GBP/AUD pips to trade by calculator.

AUD/GBP for the past 3 weeks of day trades informs to GBP/AUD tops and short entries and targets to trade by calculator. While AUD/EUR offers EUR/AUD ranges, entries and targets, AUD/GBP serves its purpose currently as the GBP/AUD signal pair to EUR/AUD.

Short GBP/AUD 1.8752 corresponded to EUR/AUD short around 1.6046 to alert to short both EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD asnd take both pairs to 100 pip lower targets. EUR/AUD only contains 50 ish pip more upside potential to an already deeply overbought currency price. Easy short decision.

100 pip targets applied to Fibonacci as the traders greatest enemy then 76% offers 25 ish pips, 50 pips at 50% and maybe 75 pips at 38%. Cheated from not only pips on a solid day trade but GBP/AUD and EUR/AUD contains potential to trade to GBP/AUD 1.8500’s and EUR/AUD upper 1.5800’s for greater gains than 100 pips.

As written Sunday to weekly commentary, short GBP/AUD at or slightly above 1.8700’s and apply this strategy all week. Written on this day is short GBP/AUD at or slightly above 1.8700’s and apply this strategy all week. By this 2nd trade day, traders should’ve had at least 2 or 3 good short trades accomplished. By Friday, many more short trades will complete.

The greatest lesson if a lesson applies is to short overbought prices and long oversold. But never long an overbought price nor short oversold. Fibonacci represents the greatest theft of profits. Ask this question. When Central banks trade day, weekly or long term trades, is Fibonacci applied. Of course not and never considered to central bank red or blue books.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD, USD/EM and AUD/NZD Oversold, JPY cross pairs lower

The positive aspect to currency prices is ranges are slowly expanding which means far better trades and profits are in development stages. The week begins for most G28 currencies in fairly neutral territory and translates to an average week to movements. USD in the EM space remains deeply overbought as EM markets continue to dictate USD movements for now week 2.

Holdouts to G28 currencies are oversold EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD. EUR/NZD enters problem status and this translates to range troubles while GBP/NZD sits just above vital 1.9615. Last week’s GBP/NZD closed at 1.9633 and just ahead of vital 1.9614 and traveled 173 pips to 1.9806.

AUD/NZD begins the week deeply oversold as shorts are impossible. AUD/NZD closed at 1.0563 and longs are located at 1.0559 to target 1.0633 then 1.0648. for a quick 74 and 89 pips.

AUD/NZD is rarely an active traded currency in our universe because its generally a dead mover however AUD/NZD is sufficiently oversold enough not to pass on the long trade.

Oversold EUR/USD and overbought USD/CHF represent the next G28 holdouts to the week. EUR/USD is more oversold than is USD/CHF overbought. While USD/CHF closed at 0.9185 and must break 0.9143 to trade lower, DXY closed 106 pips higher than USD/CHF at 92.12.

While DXY and USD/CHF traded and traveled together for the past month, a pip spread separation now exists between DXY and USD/CHF and a point to monitor closely over the next week. Rough resistance exists for DXY from 93.00’s to the 5 year average at 95.00’s and only 200 ish pips from current 92.00’s.

Overall EUR/USD maintains a long only strategy until middle to upper 1.1800’s trade. Then EUR/USD faces crucial decisions to break vital 1.1900’s to travel higher or a deep drop will occur to 1.1776. Overall EUR/USD remains stuck in 100 pip weekly ranges yet on the mend to wider ranges and better movements. This week will determine EUR/USD fate to how EUR/USD will trade in upcoming weeks.

JPY cross pair story remains the same as in past weeks, short only strategy for the next 500 pips. USD/JPY to trade lower must break 109.34 then 109.10. A market gift short if USD/JPY trades at 111.00 this week to target 110.17 on a break of 110.45.

GBP/AUD and EUR/AUD maintains a short only strategy.

As written and traded successfully last week, USD in the EM space for week 2 remains deeply overbought. USD/ZAR along with most EM pairs followed weekly represent market gifts short. The average move for USD represents right at 235 pips to exclude USD/ZAR and USD/TRY.

USD Vs EM trades

USD/TRY maintains deep oversold status this week and targets 8.6700’s.
overbought USD/ZAR targets 14.7441 then 14.6967.
USD/MYR short 4.2261 and 4.2290 targets 4.2116.

USD/PLN Short 3.8866 targets easily 3.8604.
USD/RON short 4.1855 targets 4.1633
USD/CNY short 6.4854 and 6.4870 to target 6.4776.

USD/DKK Short 6.3228 and 6.3264 to target 6.2872
USD/KRK Short 6.4034 to target 6.3589
USD/HUF Short 306.27 to target 303.69

Brian Twomey


USD deeply overbought and non USD currencies massive oversold and a wide divide between USD and Non. EUR/USD at 1.2000’s and DXY at 89.00’s was the reverse scenario as USD massive oversold Vs non USD richter scale overbought and a wide divide existed between both.

Trades went from Non USD shorts and USD longs to today’s, USD shorts and non USD longs.
As written yesterday, USD/PLN achieved 3.8700 lows for +300 pips, USD/CAD achieved 1.2579, USD/DKK runs + 100 pips, USD/RON +100 pips and USD/HRK +200 pips.

EM as USD contains a long way to drop as 2 and 300 pips is just the start to overall lower targets.
Weekly commentary, JPY cross pairs higher. JPY cross pairs traded higher and to maintain shorts on a short only strategy. CHF/JPY break 119.60 then much lower to trade to 118.00’s. JPY cross pair shots remain the gifts that keep on giving for toms of free money.

GBP/AUD for the week achieved 1.8561 lows from 1.8690’s and 1.8680’s. Today’s supports to break are located at 1.8590 then 1.8533 and 1.8476. Maintain shorts at any price in the vicinity of 1.8700’s to target 1.8590 then 1.8533.

Currently no such concept to GBP/AUD 1.9000’s exist. Its charlatan fantasy among many charlatan delusions. Impossible to take an overbought currency pair long or oversold pair short.

EUR/AUD is the better short trade. AUD/EUR informs today’s EUR/AUD range is located from 1.6090 to 1.5926 which means long at 1.5926 and short at 1.6090.

AUD/EUR 30 ish pips forecasts EUR/AUD 164. Go figure.

EUR/GBP broke 0.8612 and traded to 0.8572 for +40 pips while GBP/USD as written yesterday traded to mid 1.3700’s. GBP/USD higher must break 1.3895 and USD/CAD lower to break 1.2495.
Until breaks are seen in GBP/USD or USD/CAD then higher GBP/USD and lower USD/CAD represents a correction.

2 minutes after the ECB speaks then the information becomes worthless to trades as the message will be located in the market. Tomorrow’s ECB commentary isn’t worth a flip yet nor is today’s words.

EUR/USD 5 vital levels: 1.1736, 1.1752, 1.1767, 1.1826 and 1.1856. Short the highs and long the lows. Any price if seen above 1.1856 is a free money gift offered by mr market. Never expected and rarely seen but it just be made available.

What we see today is a day trade, 50 pips and 100 if traders and the ECB are feeling lucky.

Brin Twomey

Long EUR/USD, Short USD

Current USD is not only deeply overbought but its matched by deeply oversold Non USD to include EM. EUR/USD from 1.1700 targets low to high 1.1800 easily, GBP/USD 1.3700’s, AUD/USD target 0.7423, NZD/USD 0.7000’s.

Best trade opportunities are located in EM USD beginning with USD/PLN from 3.9000’s to target 400 pips lower to 1.8600’s, USD/DKK targets 6.2800’s from 6.3100’s , USD/RON targets 1.1500’s from 1.1800’s, USD/HRK targets 1.3400’s from 1.3900’s.

Overall EM as USD is overbought by easily 3 to 400 pips and this places G28 currencies oversold and overbought by 150 to 200 pips as targets. USD/CAD still contains a long way to drop to target 1.2578 while USD/JPY and USD/CHF are hardly worth a click as USD/CAD is a far beter trade, moves well and pays more.

As written, GBP/JPY completed 600 pips from 155.00’s, EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY and NZD/JPY achieved 500 pips and 600 pips for CAD/JPY. CHF/JPY at low 119.00;s achieved 300 pips and contains another 400 pip drop to 115.00’s. Clearly we are nailing FX as is normally done throughout the years.

USD/JPY massive supports to travel lower are located at 109.32 and 109.10. Watch those yields. The 10 year yield yesterday rise 5 points while USD/JPY traded 39 pips. Hardly worth the effort or energy to pen and paper.

Massive overbought USD/CHF must break 0.9141 to travel lower and short only strategy.
EUR/AUD target 1.5800’s from current 1.6100’s while continuation to short GBP/AUD highs. Completed 4 GBP/AUD trades in the past 1 1/2 weeks and running nearly 400 pips and overall target to mid 1.8500’s.

GBP/USD higher when EUR/GBP breaks below 0.8612.

EUR/USD overall contains a long only strategy ECB or no ECB until at least mid 1.1800’s trade and no matter how long it takes. The ECB sees traders coming as they prepare their script. They just might offer 50 pips and in one direction, a dam day trade.

Overall, USD and non USD currencies trade at extremes and this will take time to correct.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD and M3 Money Supplies

Thursday’s ECB is a question to the 35 day Maintenance period as mandated by all central banks to meet every 35 days or 6 weeks. The number 35 as a moving average is the mid point to the 20 and vital 50 day average.

Vital to the ECB message is stumulate or no stumulus, taper or no taper and overall a commentary to the ECB’s M3 money supplies. A Futures contract is a trade based on Money supplies as highlighted in 2017, 2018 and 2020. While most trade the currency spot price, the futures price is most influenced by the Futures price and the commonality to both is M3.

The ECB message Thursday is a trade in money supplies and the prime mover to not only EUR/USD by every currency on the planet.

EUR/USD yesterday traded 224, 941 contracts or 224,951 X $5,000 per contract = 1,124, 705, 000.

224,941 X 100,000 Euros per contract = 1,147, 199.00. The question to 1,147, 199.00 is what is the M3 money supply figure and is this figure to high or to low.

Traders pay 1,124, 705,000 to trade 1,147, 199.

A comparison from 2014 and 2017 to 2021

In May 2014, EUR/USD began its descent from 1.3900 while the money supply was 10 billion. By September 2014, EUR/USD traded 1,.27000’s. EUR/USD trades today at 1.1200’s Vs 11 billion money supply.

200,000 EUR/USD Futures contracts X $5,000 per contract = 1,000,000,000 billion or 1 billion.

200,000 EUR/USD contracts X 100,000 Euros per contract = 20,000,000,000 or 20 billion.

Traders paid 1 billion to trade 20 billion or 9 billion above M3. M2 at 10,876 billion means trading 2x to 20 billion. M1 at 7390 means trading almost 3 times to 20 billion.

Overall 200,000 + Contract Volume was quantified as far to high and what reinforces this concept is 20 billion is to high. Futures contracts should trade directly around current money supplies.

Eurozone M3 in 2014 was 10,108 billion. March 2017, M3 was 11,581 billion. In 3 years, M3 increased by 1,473 billion.

Since 2014, Eurozone’sM3 money supply exploded higher. In 2014, EUR/USD traded at 1.1200’s and achieved highs in 2021 to 1.2300’s as a result to money supply expansion but more so as 10 and 11 billion was miles below the Fed’s M3. The ECB’s goal as stated in 2017, 2018 nd 2020 was to meet M3 to the Fed. And this was achieved.

  The Trade

An overbought M3 money supply drops EUR/USD while oversold raises EUR/USD.

Current EUR/USD is at richter scale oversold and should trade to high 1.1800’s, low 1.1900’s to normalize.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD and 5 year Averages

When EUR/USD broke its 5 year average at 1.1400’s in August 2020, EUR/USD rampaged 900 pips to achieve 1.2300’s highs 6 months later by February 2021 or 150 pips per month. Each month, EUR/USD traded the worst market condition by trading higher into overbought. EUR/USD contained 4 up monthly candles vs 2 monthly candles as a correction for 400 pips from 1.2000’s to 1.1600. Then EUR/USD exploded to 1.2300 high 3 months later.

As shown many times, EUR/USD as a highly neutral currency pair, always corrects not only to neutrality but full trends always reverse. From 1.2300 highs, EUR/USD corrected 600 pips in 6 months to 1.1700’s and now threatens to break below the 5 year average at current 1.1454.

EUR/USD from 1.2300 highs took 6 months to achieve 1.1700 lows while highs from 1.1400’s to 1.2300’s took 6 months.

Current EUR/USD sits at massive oversold as EUR/USD seasonality is well underway. EUR/USD general seasonality trends runs from up moves in May and June to run to December and January then EUR/USD drops to May/ June lows and begins its next seasonal up move.

Suspected seasonality trends are based on government budgets as the European Parliament usually passes budgets in November and December and possibly explains the 6 month down move by May of the next year as cheap Euros are spent to fund the government while a premium is placed on Euros from May to November as the remainder of government budgets are spent to fund government.

The question to currency markets is will 5 year averages break lower. Massive oversold AUD/USD’s 5 year average is located at 0.7326, NZD/USD at 0.6859.

GBP/USD’s 5 year average is located at 1.3039 and USD/CAD at 1.3085 while GBP/JPY 10 year is located at 149.11 and a big break and 79.93 for AUD/JPY’s 5 year average and 74.82 for NZD/JPY’s 5 year average.

GBP/CHF today broke below its 5 year average at 1.2613 and USD/JPY at 109.07. GBP/CHF break will assure further down moves for GBP/USD and GBP/JPY and all JPY cross pairs.

Overall non USD currencies as EUR, GBP, AUD and NZD are massive oversold while USD/CAD and EM as USD/EM are the opposite at massive overbought.

As written, USD/BRK achieved 5.1500′ s from 5.1110’s for a quick +500 pips.

If EUR/USD sits at deep oversold during ECB then long is the only trade strategy and the same scenario highlighted for NZD and RBNZ. What ECB says doesn’t matter as EUR contains only longs.

EUR/USD levels from 1.1454 then 1.1647, 1.1705, 1.1854, 1.1915, 1.1942, 1.2020, 1.2028 and 1.2085

Brian Twomey


As shown in the last post was the profound fallacy to the USD/JPY and USD Yield relationship for any and all USD/JPY trade consideration to entry and target. The same scenario exists for example to USD/JPY and Europe or UK yields which move in the opposite direction as USD yields. USD/JPY trade consideration is non existent to entry and target.

Yields are now and have been for quite some time a dead range trade instrument and killed off by no movements to interest rates, particularly overnight rates.

Such an abysmal failure to USD/JPY trade consideration to entry and target and Yields is seen before every traders eyes directly from the chart and easily factored and assessed. But here we have the leading FX Retail leaders to inform from the delusion of the chart in regards to USD/JPY and yields. USD/JPY goes green then yields go green and vice versa so it must be true. Yet nobody checked.

Maybe the concept was designed to misinform but this assumes market knowledge and this is not the case in today’s world of trading as +90% of traders are addicted to charts and indicators for all trade consideration.

My personal quest is to find traders to teach and learn market and fX concepts not already known to advance my own skills and knowledge. Found was another ephemeral concept to FX knowledge as charts and indicators rule the day.

USD/JPY Last Week

Monday = 109.76 to 110.39 or 63 pips

Tuesday = 110.19 to 110.65 or 46 pips

Wednesday 110.68 to 109.93 or 75 pips.

Thursday 109.71 to 110.09 or 38 pips

Friday 109.71 to 110.33 or 62 pips.


Monday = 92.11 to 92.41 or 30 pips

Tuesday 92.15 to 92.82 or 67 pips

Wednesday 92.83 to 92.35 or 48 pips

Thursday 92.26 to 92.68 or 42 pips

Friday 92.75 to 92.53 or 21 pips


Monday 37 pips

Tuesday 55 pips

Wednesday 58 pips

Thursday 74 pips

Friday 37 pips.

USD/JPY Monday at 63 pips beat 37 pips USD/CHF and DXY 30 pips by almost 2 times.

Tuesday DXY 67 pips and USD/CHF 55 pips beat USD/JPY at 46 pips.

Wednesday USD/JPY 75 pips beat USD/CHF 58 and DXY 48

Thursday DXY 42 pips and USD/CHF 74 beat USD/JPY 38 pips.

Friday USD/JPY 62 pips beat DXY 21 and USD/CHF 37 pips.

USD/JPY outperformed USD/CHF and DXY Monday, Wednesday and Friday while DXY and USD/CHF outperformed USD/JPY Tuesday and Thursday.

USD/CHF outperformed DXY Monday by 7 pips, Wednesday by 10 pips, Thursday by 32 pips and Friday by 16 pips.

DXY outperformed USD/CHF Tuesday by 12 pips as the only time last week and outperformed USD/JPY Tuesday by 21 pips and Thursday by 4 pips.

USD/JPY moved overall total of 284 pips, DXY 208 pips and USD/CHF 261 pips.

The underperformer is DXY and overachiever USD/JPY.

Instead of yields and lead the trading public astray and to trade a tough concept as 2 financial instruments from 2 separate market instruments , the answer to exchange rates to trade correct entries and targets is by prediction from other exchange rates.

USD/JPY, USD/CHF and DXY is the story of an old FX concept and the great rotation. USD/JPY takes turns in relation to USD/CHF and DXY to out or underperform. An outperformance to DXY and USD/CHF equates to an underperformance to USD/JPY while an outperformance to USD/JPY leads to an underperformance to USD/CHF and DXY.

USD/CAD as the overachiever easily outperforms USD/JPY, USD/CHF and DXY by nearly 1/2. If DXY, USD/CHF or USD/JPY trades 50 pips for example, USD/CAD trades 100.

USD/CAD as the overachiever I suspect is more closely aligned to EM currencies such as USD/PLN rather than DXY, USD/CHF and USD/JPY. EM currencies as USD/Other Currency this week are at massive overbought along with USD/CAD. Nothing special exists to USD/CHF and USD/JPY this week yet rarely if ever is a good weekly trade seen on Monday. Those trades usually come Tuesday or Wednesday.


Monday 18 pips

Tuesday 19 pips

Wednesday 25 pips

Thursday 14 pips

Friday 22 pips

Weekly range total 43 pips as Wednesday and Friday were best days as was the case for DXY and USD/CHF.

Brian Twomey

FX Weekly

Overbought GBP/AUD correlates to GBP/USD at 5% and -91% to AUD/USD. Deeply oversold GBP/USD and AUD/USD Correlate together at a low +35%. GBP/AUD is correct to AUD/USD.

GBP/AUD 2 big lines below located at 1.8316 and 1.8320 while the top is located at 1.8950. Short is the only trade.

AUD/USD 5 year average approaches at 0.7326 from the close at 0.7391.

Oversold USD/JPY matches oversold to JPY cross pairs while USD/CHF sits dead above vital 0.9133. USD/CAD as opposite currency to USD/JPY and USD/CHF, begins the week miles overbought.

Gold traded 43 points last week from 1.1791.59 to 1835.01. Gold’s best trade day was Wednesday at 25 points, Friday ay 22 and 19 points Tuesday.

Week 2 to deep oversold EUR/USD as long is the only trade strategy as well as AUD/USD.

USD for EM is again deeply overbought beginning with USD/DKK, USD/HRK, USD/HUF is massive overbought, USD/MYR and USD/RON, Great short for USD/PLN,

USD/TRY and USD/ZAR are both deeply oversold while USD/CNY holds above vital 6.4656. Nothing special to USD/BRL as longs are located at 5.1071 and 5.0815 to target 5.1585 easily.

Trade strategy for above overbought pairs are short anywhere as entry doesn’t matter.

Note USD/CAD massive overbought follows USD for EM while USD/JPY and USD/CHF are trackers to DXY rather than EM.

Brian Twomey

USD/JPY and Yields

USD/JPY yesterday traded 43 pips from 110.20 to 110.63.

USD/JPY actually traded 0.43 pips. But each USD/JPY pip is worth 0.01 or 0.01 hundred. Factor 0.43 X 100 = 43 pips or 43.0

Yields from 2 to 30 year traded higher by 0.08 points or 0.08 hundred. Factor 0.08 X 100 = 8 points or 8.0

Yields traded higher in unison but this isn’t always the case. The 2 year yield may rise but 20 or 30 yield may fall or vice versa. These days of trading, unison to yields appears common practice.

2 year yield = 0.2270 to 0.2584 or 3 points at 0.03 then 0.03 X 100 = 3 points or 3.0

Note 43 USD/JPY and 3 points to 2 year yields.

3 Year Yield = 0.4202 to 0.4766 or 0.05 points then 0.05 X 100 = 5 points or 5.0

5 Year yield = 0.7847 to 0.8476 or 0.06 points then 0.06 X 100 = 6 points or 6.0

7 year yield = 1.1026 to 1.1656 or 0.06 points then 0.06 X 100 = 6 points or 6.0

10 year yield = 1.3480 to 1.4180 or 0.07 points then 0.07 X 100 = 7 points or 7.0

20 year Yield 1.8866 to 1.9705 or 0.08 points then 0.08 X 100 = 8 points or 8.0 points

30 year yield = 1.960 to 2.049 or 0.08 points then 0.08 X 100 = 8 points or 8.0 points

Basis Points

USD/JPY at 43 pips may easily state 43 basis points or 43% by 43 divide by 100 = 0.43 or 43%.

Yields may also factor to Basis points then to percentages.

The 2 year yield moved 3 points then divide by 100 = 3%

The 3 year yield moved 5 points then divide by 100 = 5%

The 5 Year yield moved 6 points then divide by 100 = 6%

The 7 year yield moved 6 points then divide by 100 = 6%

The 10 year Yield moved 7 points then divide by 100 = 7%

The 20 year yield moved 8 points then divide by 100 = 8%

The 30 year yield moved 8 points then divide by 100 = 8%.

USD/JPY moved 43% and the highest yield at the 20 and 30 year explains 8% of USD/JPY’s 43%.

USD/JPY at 43 pips accounts for 8 points at the highest 20 and 30 year yield moves.

What about the remainder 35 pips. The extra 35 pips doesn’t explain, account nor factor to yields for a trade, an entry, target or anything remotely close to USD/JPY pips, points or percentages.

Yet another bill of goods sold to the trading public.

For interested see this site for Yield Methodologies and tons of more articles to yields both from a single nation and comparison to other nations as I beat this topic to a pulp.

As I realized from those articles and research long ago, yields to currency prices is a crock of garbage and it doesn’t work. The old days, pre 2016 then was a different story.

After 2016, yields de coupled from currency prices as nations looked inward to revise interest rates and this contained a drastic effect to nation yields and to comparison from nation to nation yields.

Take USD/CAD for example. Not much difference ever existed from Canada and US yields and this was the beauty to long and short trades for USD/CAD.

if for example, USD 2 or 3 year yields cross above CAD 2 or 3 year yields then long. If US 2 or 3 year yield crossed below CAD 2 or 3 year yield then short.

Then apply the methods above to factor the target from percentages or points. Or use monthly or daily averages to yields then factor yields to the currency price by note of the support or resistance points.

Today and trading is much different for me personally as past years of research led to streamline to trades by using only methods that work. I eliminated the bad that doesn’t work then figured the methods that did work and worked it to my trade advantage.

May sound easy but I assure all, its not easy at all however in the end, I made it easy as I understand what I didn’t know before.

Brian Twomey


CHF/JPY is derived by USD/JPY divide USD/CHF. The past 3 month range 122.77 to 118.84 or 393 pips. USD/JPY past 3 month range 108.33 to 111.65 or 332 pips.

CHF/JPY current 120.46 and USD/JPY 110.32 or 1014 pip spread. My own research effort here.





USD/CAD continues to trade opposite USD/CHF, USD/JPY and CHF/JPY. USD/CAD is consistent to all JPY cross pairs as a long in USD/CAD means shorts to JPY cross pairs and shorts to USD/CAD means long to JPY cross pairs.

CHF/JPY and USD/JPY +90% Correlations means USD/JPY and CHF/JPY are the exact same pairs and represent double trades for longs and shorts.

USD/CAD is a great currency pair and operates correctly. USD/CHF and USD/JPY lack to ranges as ranges are short and severely compressed. USD/CHF on a long term basis is actually oversold with a 0.9303 target from current 0.9158.

USD/JPY and CHF/JPY are clear shorts with a short only strategy as all averages for both pairs point uniformly lower.

CHF/JPY averages as follows: 115.90, 114.62, 111.96 and 109.47

USD/JPY averages: 108.53, 108.87, 106.75 and 106.04.


Both USD/JPY and CHF/JPY trade in the 1st quadrant

1 to 4 Quadrant correlations: +43%, +30%, +87% and +79%. This means averages responsible for USD/JPY and CHF/JPY moves are USD/JPY 106.75 and 106.04 Vs CHF/JPY 111.96 and 109.47. Both CHF/JPY and USD/JPY are overbought.


USD/CHF 0.9161 current Vs DXY 92.34 or 0.9234 or 73 pip differential

USD/JPY Vs DXY 1802 pip differential.


Lower must break 119.78 then watch out below. . Overall target is 115.32. Must breaks lower at 118.83, 117.20 and 116.45.

CHF/JPY day trade bottom today 120.02 then higher.


Lower must break 109.39, 109.07, 108.53 and 108.87. Longer range target is 109.14 and just the start to much lower.

USD/JPY day trade bottom 109.81 then higher.

I seem to be running long term views as 14 currency pairs are now complete and `14 more to go if I run all 28 currencies.

Brian Twomey


To all friends, followers and many, many long time friends: Many thank you’s for support.

Lazer beam focus to AUD/USD and NZD/USD and cross pairs. Cross pairs for AUD/USD means AUD/JPY, AUD/CHF, AUD/CAD however no interest in AUD/CAD. To continue, EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD.

NZD/USD means NZD/JPY, NZD/CHF and no interest in NZD/CAD. Then EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD.

AUD/USD and AUD/CHF both massive oversold while EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD massive overbought. and all correct. AUD/JPY is along for the ride.

NZD/USD oversold, NZD/CHF massive oversold, EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD massive overbought and all correct. NZD/JPY like AUD/JPY heading lower however this week both are along for the ride.

GBP/AUD all averages point miles lower and this means overall, the direction and trade strategy is short. A retail currency analyst, Giles Coughlan says long to 1.8700’s. Incompetent Giggles is miles wrong.

GBP/AUD is massive overbought from lower averages at 1.8200’s and 1.8300’s. It trades in the 4th quadrant while AUD/USD and GBP/USD trade in 3rd quadrants.

EUR/AUD approaches a big line at 1.5960 and lower averages are located at 1.5754 and 1.5682. Interesting EUR/AUD trades in 1st quadrant, GBP/AUD in 4th, AUD/USD and GBP/USD in 3rd.

Not sure what this quadrant deal means yet but often wondered to a cross placed on a chart. A chart means any time frame from 1 hour to monthlies.

GBP/AUD by design contains a wider range than EUR/AUD and this week is responsible to determine EUR/AUD direction. Both are heading miles lower. Certain weeks, EUR/AUD determines GBP/AUD direction however for trade purposes, its not necessary to evaluate EUR/AUD Vs GBP/AUD for trades or direction.

Necessary is to factor the trades for entries and targets and that’s all.

Massive overbought GBP/AUD at current lofty levels is the result of deeply oversold AUD/USD and this alignment must correct as AUD/USD higher and GBP/AUD and EUR/AUD much lower. If AUD/USD trades lower into deeper oversold would drive GBP/AUD higher and conceivably, 1.8700 and 1.8900’s can trade easily however, the trade is short.

NZD oversold, EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD overbought. GBP/NZD the granddaddy of FX and big moves contains a wider range by design than EUR/NZD. It moves and earns the money. Same as GBP/AUD and EUR/AUD. Certain weeks, EUR/NZD is the driver and better trade than GBP/NZD while other weeks, GBP/NZD is the better trade and driver.

What determines the trades and drivers overall is the positions or locations of the prices.

RBNZ should provide good trades and it doesn’t matter what they say as NZD must correct higher as well as EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD lower. RBNZ should provide the trades.

USD/PY follow up. 109.42 and 109.07 breaks lower Vs EUR/USD 1.1964 means USD/JPY breaks lower than the USD/JPY Vs EUR/USD alignment would again remain off balance. Current USD/JPY above and EUR/USD below rectifies the many months off balance to this relationship.

More later

Brian Twomey

Brian Twomey Blog

Dear friends,

Plans are to maintain this site for the normal yearly routines since 2012 of education, trading and interesting market developments by feature articles. I’m independent and allowed to speak and write freely here.

FX Street and all the crooked websites as well as incompetent contributors losing readers money can go straight to hell where they belong. No benefit exist to write on those sites, especially the content I wrote as I’m seeing the Fx retail leaders picking up on my past content. I don’t have any use for all this. FX Street is constantly viewing my site here.

If I see views fail and its not worth the effort to write, then I’m gonzo however multitudes have been very loyal here and its most appreciated but I also understand as I advanced myself to trades and market understanding beyond my intentions 17 years ago. All I wanted then was not to be a loser. Today, I’m not a loser.

Not to be a loser took many many years and many years of weekends. Its impossible to cone out with a chart and indicator with a few years experience to believe success is guaranteed. The currency price is far to complicated and takes many, many years to understand and master then apply the correct knowledge.

I’ll be glad to assist anybody in whatever it is all are doing and answer any questions, anytime.

This blog doesn’t earn 5 cents nor was it ever the intention to profit. It was designed to write my stuff. I always wanted to show much more to markets, trades and understanding but I don’t have the electronic reach as these young kids represented as traders, analysts and trade services.

All I offer are trades for interested.

Nothing more to say so thank you to all very much

Brian Twomey


Trades this week contains a lazer focus on NZD/USD, AUD/USD and associated cross pairs. Significant NZD/USD averages are located at 0.6863, 0.6893 Vs 0.7030, 0.7063 and 0.7082.

AUD/USD averages are located at 0.7345, 0.7450 Vs 0.7741 and 0.7862.
To move higher, AUD/USD must break 0.7596.

Interesting to AUD/USD at 0.7862 is this average hardly changed in 3 years. Was once 0.7802 for years and rose 62 pips.

Both NZD/USD and AUD/USD trade at 2nd quadrants to beat this topic further and contains much trading ranges to profit.

GBP/USD main averages are located at 1.3375, 1.3492, 1.3872 and 1.4303. GBP/USD trades at the 3rd quadrant and targets lower at 1.3680 then 1.3760.

GBP/USD 1.4303 at the 2016 Brexit vote was 1.5800’s as the average dropped 1500 pips in 5 years or 300 pips per year.

JPY Cross Pairs

GBP/JPY main averages are located at 145.20, 146.87, 147.62 and 151.25. GBP/JPY closed at 153.07. Short is the only way forward and GBP/USD will assist to GBP/JPY 400 pip drop to follow by targets at 152.06, 151.95, 151.81, 151.25 then easily 150.28 and much lower.

CAD/JPY main averages 84.59, 84.99, 85.46, and 86.29. Any price at or above 88.57 is perfect for shorts to target a break at 88.24 to then target 87.52, 87.45 and 87.34. USD/CAD is the main driver to determine CAD/JPY. Note CAD/JPY 200 pip lower target.

NZD/JPY requires a sustained break below 77.48 to target 75.44 and 75.10 and 200 pips lower.
AUD/JPY requires a sustained break below 83.11 to target below 82.60 then 82.01, 81.01 and 79.73.

EUR/JPY 127.00’s and 126.00 are currently solid and targets 129.52, 129.07 and 128.36.
Short only strategies is the only way forward for JPY cross pairs. The assistance lower for JPY cross pairs will derive from drops to USD/JPY as USD/JPY averages are unsupported at 110.00’s and 111.00’s.

Best JPY cross pairs are CHF/JPY, GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY

USD/JPY main 2 averages are located at 109.42 and 109.07. Overall, USD/JPY averages are dropping from short, medium and longer term.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD, 4 Quadrants, Congestion Zones

A long held view to chart pictures but never investigated in depth was to draw a cross in the middle of the chart to highlight 4 quadrants. The 1st and 4th quadrants represent extreme prices on the fringe and a trend. The 2 and 3rd quadrants represent undecided zones, congestion zones, dead mover price zones where a price can easily travel higher or lower based on a significant break of an MA.

Currency prices for many pairs find significant averages today in the 3rd quadrant. The major question to long or short trade signals is the range of prices.
The 3rd quadrant is interesting as currency and assumed all financial market prices are dead movers yet located in the 3rd quadrant.

For technical analysis afficionados, Eugene Nofri wrote Success in Commodities: The Congestion Phase System in 1980 as a 30 year Floor Trader at the CBOT and the book was re introduced by Eugene’s daughter, Jeanette Nofri Steinberg. A very nice woman and highly successful trader over many years. Eugene began his trading time in 1946 to 1976 ish.

A quick recap to the system is located in the Journal of Technical Analysis and by me in a long article written 15 ish years ago called the Congestion Phase System. I didn’t know I’m not only in the book but all over the book’s website and Amazon.

Here’s EURUSD for example from 1st to 4th quadrants: 1.1705, 1.1645, 1.1859 and 1.2033. A problem exists at the 1.1645 average in the 2nd quadrant as the average is wrong and should be located higher between 1.1705 and 1.1859. Current 1.1859 decides EUR/USD higher or lower.

The same 4 quadrants is easily viewed from MA averages from 5 to 253 days. The current 200 and 253 day averages are wrong and light in comparison to overall averages.

5 day 1.1850
10 = 1.1859,
20 = 1.1884

50 = 1.2040

100 = 1.2033
200 = 1.2053

253 = 1.2030.

Note to 1.1859 at the 20 day average and 1.2033 at the 100 day. Averages are perfect short and long term.

Dead mover prices is causing Compression or Congestion to averages as prices are compressing to surround current prices. EUR/USD had more 100 pip weeks over many months and stuck to a trend or any direction.

But always remember, EUR/USD trends always reverse. EUR/USD’s run from 1.1400’s to 1.2300’s reversed so far to 1.1700’s. Is 1.1700’s the EUR/USD bottom end or do we test higher again then short. EUR/USD upside traveled 900 pips and dropped 600 and off balance by 300 pips. EUR/USD requires a test of 1.1400’s to balance evenly.

A longer term view is 5 year average= 1.1450, 10 year = 1.2018 and 1.2585 at the 14 year.

The 1st and 2nd quadrants inform short and to pay attention to 1.1858, 1.1921 and 1.1964.

USD/CHF as a proxy for DXY informs deeply oversold and a 0.9300 target from current 0.9136. That’s only 150 ish pips. DXY from 92.10 informs massive hurdles at 95.00’s and bottom at 90.24.

DXY is pretty much dead center and confirms 3rd quadrants as DXY can travel 200 pips lower or 300 higher.

Brian Twomey


CHF/JPY achieved lows at 118.00’s and a target at high 114.00’s to low 115.00’s. As written, all JPY cross pairs contain a 600 pip drop and was led by trending pair CHF/JPY. CHF/JPY shorts from 122.00, now run +400 pips and 400 more pips to target.

If traders shorted all JPY cross pairs then profits are in the + 2000 ish by 5 JPY cross pairs at + 400 pips each. Long way to target and opportunity remains to enter short to any or all JPY cross pairs.
The ridiculous aspect to 400 pips is the wait for 3 months or 135 pips per month. For comparison, the 2018 CHF/JPY trade from 117.00’s to 112.00’s was a 3 week trade for 500 pips and widely posted. Markets in 2021 are dead and dying.

GBP/JPY traded below big break at 151.88 today as GBP/JPY was the last JPY cross pair to hold out to vital breaks. The leader to JPY cross pairs was CHF/JPY then NZD/JPY as NZD/JPY broke below vital points first and continued short and now runs + 400 pips profit.

Worthless USD/JPY would assist to further JPY cross pair downside much quicker on a break at 109.48. Reegardless to USD/JPY as JPY cross pair targets were not only identified months ago but target must by no choice achieve destinations. Encouraging to USD/JPY further downside is massive oversold EUR/USD, AUD/USD and NZD/USD.

GBP/JPY’s break lower should now see more downside gains to GBP/USD and as written many times, the eventual target for GBP/USD is 1.3500’s. EUR/GBP is oversold.

Overbought USD/CHF as written achieved lows at 0.9192 and our target was 0.9177. Weekly range 0.9265 to 0.9192. or 73 pips. Holding USD/CHF is 0.9146. DXY target at 91.77 achieved 92.01 and a weekly range from 92.01 to 92.92 or 91 pips. USD/CHF 73 weekly pips Vs DXY 91. DXY beat by 18 pips.

USD/HRK as posted completed yesterday.

Short anywhere or 6.3187 and 6.3205 to target 6.2970 easily
Actual 6.3246 to 6.2960
+286 pips
Perfect target

EM total profits this week is now +1600 pips.

10 Yearn Yield

As written, the 10 year yield range was 1.3305 to 1.8448 and 1.3305 just broke below to now range from 1.3305 to 0.805. The range went from 51 points to now 52 pips.


Will Inflation rise. If so then stock markets are in for a big tumble. If Inflation drops, stock markets continue to trend upwards.

A suggestion for next week.

Rather than write the weekly bull stuff which has no basis for any market price or trade, write trade requests and I will post. May not go over well yet the rookie traders as the court jesters of FX are coming at you with outdated charts and indicators and won’t profit 5 cents from those outdated methods.

Brian Twomey