EUR/USD to 10 Year Forecasts

Below are EUR/USD levels and targets to cover 10 years, not necessarily averages but 10 years. The levels and targets are perfect to highly, highly accurate, The question was will the EUR/USD break below the 5 year average at 1.1487. The short term targets says no due to many supports at 1.1500’s. However if the break occurs targets are located at 1.1255, 1.1063 and 1.0894.

The 4 hour was completed to check forecasts to our gamblers, crooked currency analysts and website writers who rely on this time frame. I don’t see where it has any value, purpose or meaning to trades.

The 10 year at 1.3083 is interesting as this number matches GBP/USD’s 5 year average at 1.3087 and USD/CAD at 1.3055. At 1.3000’s is the overall dividing line. Only GBP/USD trades above.

What is 1.3083. When the ECB went negative Eonia in 2014, EUR/USD traded at 1.3900’s and the 10 year average was located at 1.3200’s. The ECB went further negative and the EUR/USD broke below 1.3200 to eventually trade to 1.0300’s.

4 hour 1.1557 – 1.1543.

Daily 1.1650 – 1.1573.

Monthly November :1.1821 – 1.1649. Current 1.1647 -1.1564.

3 Month 1.1803 – 1.1617

6 Month 1.2079 – 1.1709

1 Year 1.2144 – 1.1730

2 Year 1.1919 – 1.1063

4 Year 1.2001 – 1.0894

5 year. Meaningless

7 Year. Probably appropriate to use as 7 is a vital number to market averages.

10 Year 1.3083 – 1.1255.

Brian Twomey

EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, EM, 10 Year Yield

EUR/USD and GBP/USD begin the week oversold while AUD/USD and NZD/USD start at massive overbought. Last week’s EUR/USD at 1.1620 and 1.1665 is now 1.1617 and 1.1659. GBP/USD last week at 1.3840 is now 1.3841 and 1.3855.

EUR/USD and USD/CAD begins the week oversold. EUR/USD sits just above the 5 year average at 1.1487. EUR/USD targets 1.1255 on a break. USD/CAD trades just above its 5 year average at 1.2212. A break targets 1.1800’s.

While GBP/USD 1.3841 and 1.3855 covers the upside, below exists 1.3486 and 1.3415.

GBP/USD’s price path is factored as 1.3087, 1.3117, 1.3124, 1.3241, 1.3359, 1.3415, 1.3486, 1.3706, 1.3774, 1.3841 and 1.3855.

Lower GBP/USD is supported by EUR/GBP as the 10 and 15 year averages sit just below at 0.8421 and 0.8402. If EUR/GBP breaks below then GBP/USD targets again 1.3841 and 1.3855.

USD/CHF sits at oversold to extremes and matches oversold USD/CAD while USD/JPY as the outlier for the week, begins overbought. USD/JPY overbought assists lower to JPY cross pairs. GBP/JPY at 155.00’s is down 300 pips from 158.00’s, EUR/JPY down 200 from 133.00’s.

USD/JPY and JPY cross pairs contain light years of downside yet to trade. The strategy over next months is short and GBP/JPY is the leader to dictate direction for all JPY cross pairs.

The currency market contention remains EUR/USD Vs USD/CAD as both trade above 5 year averages. EUR/USD or USD/CAD must break in order to open wider trading ranges, particularly for GBP/CAD and EUR/CAD as most effected by USD/CAD.

Deeply oversold EUR/CAD higher must break 1.4484, 1.4557 and 1.4574 then EUR/CAD opens to a 400 pip trade range from 1.4500’s to 1.4900’s. GBP/CAD faces massive resistance on the way up from 1.7066, 1.7145, 1.7288 and 1.7337. GBP/CAD doesn’t walk through current levels easily.

USD/CAD higher is assisted by massive overbought CAD/EM and richter scale overbought CAD/ZAR while EUR/USD higher is supported by overbought CAD/ZAR and USD/JPY.


AUD/USD is the far better short trade than NZD as AUD/USD short is well supported by massive overbought AUD/EM across all currencies and the same currencies we’ve tracked over last months. The best AUD/EM short is AUD/TRY but take your pick as all AUD/EM currencies offer free money trades.
AUD/USD price path is located at 0.7285, 0.7311, 0.7398, 0.7458, 0.7691, 0.7825, 0.8103 and 0.8345.


NZD/USD was described last week as a mixed bag and for the most part, mixed bag characterizes overall NZD for the past month to include NZD/EM. The positive to NZD is the beginning to NZD/USD aligning properly to its cross pairs and NZD/EM. While NZD/USD begins the week overbought, the degree to overbought is nothing special. The big NZD/USD trade is in alignment stages and for the week we are short.

NZD/USD price path is located at 0.6848, 0.6864, 0.6923, 0.7047, 0.7078, 0.7096, 0.7253 and 0.7291. NZD over the past month not only lacks a trading range but averages are compressing and affecting all cross pairs and NZD/EM. The best NZD currency is NZD/JPY.

The worst NZD currency is NZD/CHF. AUD/CHF and CAD/CHF offer much better trade opportunities for the week.

Watch GBP/AUD for the week as GBP/AUD sits just above big levels at 1.8090 and 1.7932.

CHF/JPY at 124.00’s offers an incredible short opportunity as CHF/JPY remains massive overbought to averages dating to 1999. Overbought was the result to positive correlations to USD/JPY. Look for USD/JPY short at 114.33 for the week as next targets are located at 113.28 then 112.87. Lower USD/JPY will assist to CHF/JPY shorts.

10 year Yield.

From September 29 post to the 10 year yield, the range was located from 1.6146 to 1.8696. Over the past 3 weeks, 1.6146 broke lower to 1.5080 and highs were located at 1.7020. Lower 10 year yield assisted to Gold’s rise. The 10 year yield at 1.5080 is located from 1.5182 – 1.4941 as posted September 29. No mysteries to entries and targets ever exist.

The 10 year yield from the close at 1.5610 offers bottoms at 1.5531. The daily price path over next days is located from 1.5404, 1.5495, 1.5531, 1.5726 and 1.5818.

For the 10 year yield, interest rates predict interest rates and explains why wide ranges are offered to the 10 year as interest rate maturities for all nations are running at far wide distances. This gap will close as it always does and the 10 year supports and resistance points will also close as a result. For the next 2 or 3 days, the 10 year supports and resistance points hold.

Interest rate maturities at wide distances currently may explain why postings are seen to OIS rates. Far better interest rates exist to predict financial market instruments to entries, targets and market crashes. And we will know miles in advance rather than a one moment in time situation. Next week’s OIS rates will be much different than this week.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD and Next Week

EUR/USD yesterday for the ECB traded 1.1581 to 1.1635 or the same 50 pips offered by all central bank meetings. Here’s yesterday’s 5 numbers 1.1543, 1.1562, 1.1576, 1.1631 and 1.1662.

Despite 50 pips, the trade for ECB was middle range to middle range from 1.1562 to 1.1631 and the same typical trades for all central bank meetings and explains why central bank meetings only trade 50 pips as all meetings trade middle range to middle range.

The better trade was long 1.1543 to 1.1562 to target 1.1576 and 1.1631 with focus on 1.1620. Pips were guaranteed for this trade as much distance existed to move.

Then ECB weighs in at the 10 am hour and EUR/USD breaks 1.1665 against most vital 1.1714 and achieved highs at 1.1685 for 20 pips. What’s the strategy here? Long the break for a few pips, leave and don’t trade or short ahead of 1.1714.

For the 10:00 am hour, only 1 hour decides the move as many central banks are next up to report exchange rate responses beginning at 11:00 am. At 1.1714 is far more vital than 1.1665.

Also at 10: 00 am is ECB time. All I can add here is the ECB doesn’t always offer a fair game for traders and why exit day trades at 10;00. Notice from 1.1685 highs, EUR/USD remained inside a 1.1691 to 1.1664 lows for 13 straight hours.

The BOE assisted to take EUR/USD higher in the 11:00 am hour. All centrak banks after the BOE for 13 hours, offered massive support to both 1.1685 and 1.1691. While emphasis is placed on central banks, market prices contain as much significance to future prices as much as the central banks. Today's big break for EUR/USD is located at 1.1719 and a rising average against a rising price which normally suggests a EUR/USD drop as 1.1719 will continue to rise against a rising price.

Had 1.1719 dropped from a rising price then we look long for longer term trades targets. Since 1.1691 traded yesterday, it no longer exists as an important point. Its leaves the market and all factors of trade assistance. Actual for today is 1.1692 and located between 1.1692 to 1.1699. Always go forward with your price and never ever behind. To look backwards is to view prices that no longer are vital to trades.

Today’s 5 vital numbers are located at 1.1619, 1.1641, 1.1655, 1.1707 and 1.1736. Break at 1.1719 trades to 1.1736.

For next week, a close today in the low 1.1600;s is acceptable for longs next week. If we don’t see this close, EUR/USD will be relegated to low trade rankings and not worth the effort.

If GBP/USD remains a dead mover today then GBP/USD leaves top trade rankings.

AUD/USD and NZD/USD currently set up presently as far better and easier trades than EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

USD/CAD and USD/CHF are both long next week and short USD/JPY and CHF/JPY. A higher close for GBP/JPY sets up currently for shorts. GBP/CAD long but 1.7065 must break higher. EUR/CAD is the better trade.

Brian Twomey

Forward Rates, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY

Today’s GBP/USD vital point for higher is now located at 1.3779. GBP/USD’s 5 numbers for today’s day trade is located at 1.3674, 1.3696, 1.3712, 1.3777 and 1.3812.

Break at 1.3777 targets 1.3812 then short and fail then targets lower levels at 1.3674. Then long or 2 trades.

EUR/USD contends with 1.1620 and 1.1665. Today’s 5 numbers are located at 1.1543, 1.1562, 1.1576, 1.1631 and 1.1662. Today’s 1.1665 is protected by 1.1662 while 1.1620 is dead center for longs.

Watch shorts at 1.1620 and 1.1631. To trade today’s ECB, short at tops and long at lows.

Today’s GDP is located inside day trade prices.

USD/JPY 112.96, 113.14, 113.29, 113.81 and 114.09. Long term strategy for USD/JPY and JPY cross pairs is short to target many miles lower.

AUD/USD 0.7476, 0.7494, 0.7501, 0.7532 and 0.7551. AUD/USD overbought begins at 0.7524.

USD/CAD 1.2306, 1.2326, 1.2341, 1.2401, 1.2432.

GBP/USD Forward rates,

Forward Points or Fx Points today trade 13 pips. Forward rates are traditionally located between yields and are bounded by 2 separate yields and always at short term yields. `Forward points today for GBP are located between UK’s 3 and 6 month yields yet at wide distance.

China’s and USD/CNY FX point run right at 30 and located between the USD 1 and 2 year yield. and at wide distances. For 30 point context. China’s 10 and 2 year spread currently runs 39 basis points. FX points and forward rates overnight won’t ever run higher than the spread.

The other popular site has CNY correct but off 4 pips for GBP. Find forward rates by currency price X division of 2 interest rates. The only difference is today is factored overnight Forward rates.

To factor further then add days up to 360 or 365 for correct yearly day counts. GBP works on 365 and USD on 360.

GBP/USD add 13 pips to today currency price. For today’s 5 numbers: 1.3687, 1.3709, 1.3725, 1.3790 and 1.3825. The further out to hold Forward rates then the higher the cost to FX Points. For GBP 3 months the price is 64 points.

Walk into an American bank today and transfer USD to Euros. The price is FX points plus bank profits or normally about 50 ish pips above the Fix.

FX trading is all about specific formulas and all formulas apply the exact same to every currency on the planet. And all factored by calculator.

Brian Twomey


Today is an FX education day and begins with EUR/USD.

Yesterday ECB reported EUR/USD at 1.1618 while written yesterday was 1.1645 and 1.1609. Off 9 pips. Was the ECB wrong and me correct or was the ECB correct and me wrong.

ECB says the price is a concertation procedure between central banks across Europe. Concertation is an old French word used particularly in politics to bring opposite factions together to agreement.

Here’s your concertation. Today’s 5 numbers 1.1542, 1.1561, 1.1575, 1.1631 and 1.1661. Vs yesterday 1.1544, 1.1563, 1.1576, 1.1632 and 1.1661.

In 24 hours of Fx trading, the difference is 2 pips or the exact same trade as yesterday. Appears as a very boring concert.

EUR/JPY yesterday 132.39 and 132.03. ECB 132.47 or off 8 pips vs EUR/USD 9. Maybe the instruments at the concert weren’t in tune.

EUR/JPY topside 3 prices are located at 132.78, 132.86 and 132.95. The target is 132.86 and never the upper most number as it rarely ever trades. USD/JPY or EUR/USD must move extremely well for the top number to trade.

From long term views, EUR/USD remains governed by 1.1620 and 1.1665 then comes today’s 1.1717 and the longer term average at 1.1950. At 1.1665 held Monday then EUR dropped. Today’s day trade suggest 1.1665 holds again from the top at 1.1661.

GBP/USD yesterday’s 5 numbers 1.3694, 1.3717, 1.3732, 1.3799 and 1.3834 Vs today 1.3693, 1.3716, 1.3731, 1.3798 and 1.3833. GBP/USD changed by 1 pip in 24 hours of trading.

AS GBP/USD 1.3840 remains the big break to target higher prices, 1.3840 holds yet again today.
EUR/USD and GBP/USD are coordinated by 1.1665 and 1.1717 and 1.3840 and 1.3777 for lower targets.

Yesterday’s USD/CAD 5 vital numbers 1.2318, 1.2338, 1.2353, 1.2412 and 1.2444 Vs today 1.2326, 1.2345, 1.2361, 1.2419 and 1.2451. A change of 7 pips.

USD/CAD vital break above is located at 1.2458 then 1.2547. At 1.2458 and top today at 1.2451 says USD/CAD won’t break higher.

The 3 main currency pairs driving Fx markets must eventually break vital levels otherwise, markets are stuck in small ranges.

November 7 times change to fall back 1 hour. Day trades will be over and done by the time American stock markets open and 10:00 am EST will no longer hold significance to trades and trading.

Brian Twomey

EUR/USD, GBP, AUD, CAD and ECB Results

Fxstreet won’t publish straight ECB results so we try an end around today. God forbid anyone trades successfully and brings correct knowledge and concepts. They don’t want success from traders then all won’t pay the fee for access to the “experts”. That’s the dinosaurs in today’s trade world. Ya gotta laugh.

Most vital to EUR/USD is 1.1485, 1.1721 and 1.1951. For AUD/USD 0.7312, 0.7441 and 0.8108. AUD performed well over last week’s due to a wide trade range. Longs and shorts became available while EUR became stuck.

USD/CAD is contained from 1.2209, 1.2461 and 1.3058. NZD/USD is the worst in the line up by 0.6847, 0.7081, 0.7253. USD/CAD is the last currency to rely on the market. It is a market document. Bloomberg, Thomson and others report Canada’s Corra rate. A waste of money as more information is required for CAD and CAD/EM day trades.

GBP/USD 1.3840 remains the price to beat topside. Failure to break above then this price will slowly travel lower. Below is located 1.3777 and 1.3082. GBP/USD break 1.3840 would also see EUR/USD break 1.1721 and NZD 0.7200’s. but not likely anytime soon.

The concept to central banks is take 24 hour trades to the next level to expand to 30 ish hours and 2 trades. Completed as usual without the faulty charts. A lifetime of work remains yet to complete. If Forward traders require ECB prices then why not eliminate the ECB and factor Forward trades instead.

EUR/USD 5 numbers today 1.1544, 1.1563, 1.1576, 1.1632 and 1.1661.

GBP/USD 1.3694, 1.3717, 1.3732, 1.3799 and 1.3834. GBP/USD 1.3840 won’t break on this day.

USD/CAD 1.2318, 1.2338, 1.2353, 1.2412 and 1.2444.

EUR/USD at 10 :am is expected 1.1645 and 1.1609. EUR/JPY 132.39 and 132.03. What changed under central bank control.

ECB Results

As reported by the ECB for 15 currency pairs, forecast 24 hours in advance. EUR pairs were slightly off however remaining pairs near perfect. 3 currencies were perfect. EUR/USD price Friday was off by 1 pip. The mystery to the currency price is central bank control as they contain ability to perform any function necessary.

GBP/USD 1.3754 was actually 1.3751. GBP/JPY was only off 9 pips and not bad for the monster.
To know the price is to know the next trade, 24 hours in advance.
Nasdaq 15150.00 – 15064.00. Actual 15168.55 to 15070.75
EUR/USD 1.1629 -1.1647. Actual 1.1603, off 26 pips.

EUR/JPY 132.57 – 132.13. Actual 131.88, off 25.
GBP/CAD 1.7043 -1.7003. Actual 1.7003. Perfect.
USD/JPY 113.99 -113.61. Actual 113.66, off 5 pips.

USD/CAD 1.2372 – 1.2338. Actual 1.2365, off 7 pips.
GBP/NZD 1.9273 -1.9209. Actual 1.9240, off 31 pips from lows.
AUD/USD 0.7496 – 0.7467. Actual 0.7483, off 13 pips from highs.

USD/CHF 0.9176 – 0.9158. Actual 0.9192, off 16
GBP/JPY 157.22 – 156.38. Actual 156.29, off 9 pips.

GBP/AUD 1.8461 – 1.8394. Actual 1.8375, off 19.
EUR/GBP 0.8455 – 0.8431. Actual 0.8438, off 7.

CAD/CHF 0.7432 – 0.7409. Actual 0.7434. Off 2. Perfect.
EUR/AUD 1.5573 – 1.5523. Actual 1.5505. Off 18.

GBP/USD 1.3794 – 1.3754. Actual 1.3751, Perfect.
CAD/JPY 92.25 – 91.84. Actual 91.92, off 8 pips.

Brian Twomey

Fxstreet Vs Analytix: Trader Consolidation

A change is coming to FX due to an exhausted industry populated by famous names and many associated professional losers with trade specialization in heavy losses. The websites and readers must know the extent to professional losers. Notice articles are less on trades but more on market bull crud to central banks, economic releases and whatever the latest market talk pablum.

The next is to consolidate traders and readers to pay for access to trades, traders, webinars and whatever they concoct to charge. Fxstreet no longer publishes freely its daily trade losses as they did over the past year. For $30 per month, readers must pay to bankrupt accounts and read those long winded stories only to finish and wonder what they read as beneficial to anything. This is the price for access to “experts”.

The sad aspect to Fxstreet is they turned fraudulent and lost the ability to become the great site as they once were many years ago.

Next is Fx Analytix run by a truly professional loser called pip czar. Brother Dale is associated with these people. I spent 2 days listening to Brother Dale, pip Czar and another loser. Astounding is the depth of incompetence from pip czar, brother dale and all the rest.

The Analytix people invited Kathy Liens crooked, Boris the Schloss and many many other traders on par with Boris the schloss to join the Team. As Team members, a special place is outlined on site to scam traders into losses by webinars, trade services and whatever else.

No shortage of suckers pay 120 per month for access but this is where all the action is located. Traders have literally left the building. But notice the website contributors. Its the same old story from the same old professional losers. Absent are names and faces known for years because they joined Brother Dale and crew.

Trading is not about trades anymore. its about a paycheck from subscriptions. Fxstreet claims 8 million views. The 2012 trades saw 100,000 views and the highest in Fxstreet history. Who believes 1 million new readers per year came to fxstreet.

Trading and profits is just to tough for the majority of traders and equally harder for the Fx retail leaders. They all turned fraudulent rather than learn, study, hone skills and find winning strategies.

All traders get is 4 hour chart, Fib level and latest market talk. This tired strategy is all the trading community has to trade and the trades don’t profit. Now readers are asked to pay for this.

I don’t fit in with the crooked and thank god. But I play no role to assist. To bad for fxstreet cause I would earn readers fortunes. Fxstreet people and many fx big names view my site religiously. I’m no stranger to the crowds but I also don’t associate with those people. No guilt by association here.

We keep on here as I did over the past 10 years since I came out in public. So so much more to write and show to Fx, trades and trading.

See te ECB trade results from today. Fxstreet won’t publish by itself so I must put it in an article tomorrow morning. See what I’m saying about this present crowd.

I don’t advertise often but weekly and daily trades are available to interested.

Brian Twomey

ECB Results: 15 Currencies and Nasdaq

As reported by the ECB for 15 currency pairs, forecast 24 hours in advance. EUR pairs were slighly off however remaining pairs near perfect. 3 currencies were perfect.

GBP/USD 1.3754 was actually 1.3751. GBP/JPY was only off 9 pips and not bad for the monster.

To know the price is to know the next trade, 24 hours in advance.

Nasdaq 15150.00 – 15064.00. Actual 15168.55 to 15070.75

EUR/USD 1.1629 -1.1647. Actual 1.1603, off 26 pips.

EUR/JPY 132.57 – 132.13. Actual 131.88, off 25.

GBP/CAD 1.7043 -1.7003. Actual 1.7003. Perfect.

USD/JPY 113.99 -113.61. Actual 113.66, off 5 pips.

USD/CAD 1.2372 – 1.2338. Actual 1.2365, off 7 pips.

GBP/NZD 1.9273 -1.9209. Actual 1.9240, off 31 pips from lows.

AUD/USD 0.7496 – 0.7467. Actual 0.7483, off 13 pips from highs.

USD/CHF 0.9176 – 0.9158. Actual 0.9192, off 16

GBP/JPY 157.22 – 156.38. Actual 156.29, off 9 pips.

GBP/AUD 1.8461 – 1.8394. Actual 1.8375, off 19.

EUR/GBP 0.8455 – 0.8431. Actual 0.8438, off 7.

CAD/CHF 0.7432 – 0.7409. Actual 0.7434. Off 2. Perfect.

EUR/AUD 1.5573 – 1.5523. Actual 1.5505. Off 18.

GBP/USD 1.3794 – 1.3754. Actual 1.3751, Perfect.

CAD/JPY 92.25 – 91.84. Actual 91.92, off 8 pips.

Brian Twomey

GBP/USD and Day Trades

GBP/USD contains 5 vital numbers today: 1.3702, 1.3726, 1.3741, 1.3806 and 1.3841. Today’s ECB comes in at 1.3754 and 1.3794. Today’s price at 1.3794, chances are good we are short and long at 1.3754. The trade is good for 1 hour so bank the pips fast. Explains why the range was offered.

If the Central banks follow the ECB script then 1,3754 is the actual number for today. What will be seen is central banks are no longer required to trade as I am many miles ahead of their game plan. My pen, paper and calculator beats the central banks easily. Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and others are an equal joke as they ask for fortunes for a service done by a $5 calculator and 2 minutes.

Built into the system of central bank prices is 1 to maybe 3 pips miss if the price is not exact. Factor 1 to 3 pip miss and interest rates as opposite currencies also contains a built in 2 pip differential then traders start out in the hole by as high as 5 pips. GBP/JPY as the monster currency among G28 then traders could be off by as much as 10 pips.

Now add a stop, 4 hour chart, Fibs and the latest market talk such as Inflation, GDP, covid then traders are surely stiffed in the back from profits. These are your experts today.

By central bank calculations and the system of interest rates, they created characteristics to each currency. For example, NZD/USD in its daily price path normally contains 2 numbers that end in 5. Today’s GBP/JPY contain numbers in its daily price path that end in 1.

Last night for Asia trades, the numbers ended in 0. AUD/USD is the easiest currency to factor as support and resistance points don’t hardly change. USD/JPY is the exact opposite to EUR/USD.

Day trades are growing to the point where interest rates are no longer required to trade as all the information needed is built into the system.

What the central banks created was a beautiful work of art and an extraordinary, mouth dropping perfection to the FX and market price.

Brian Twomey

ECB Prices Monday: 15 Currencies and NASDAQ

Following are 15 currency pair prices to be reported by the ECB on Monday at 10:00 am EST. The prices are perfectly correct and accurate. Provided the ECB doesn’t perform an improper move then all prices will hit exact to near exact. An improper ECB move is not seen often as they follow the script. Monday prices can be “funny” by ECB and central bank factors.

Near exact means within 1 to 2 pips. While I advocated for FxStreet charts last week, not all currency pairs are correct. Closing prices maybe off by as much as 6 and 8 pips. Many charts across the internet are off. Pips matter as not many trade anymore and because we trade perfection.

View the ECB price as not only a target price trade but the next trade is known in advance.

USD/CNY, EUR/USD and EUR/CNY Friday Results

EURUSD 1.1653 -1.1630
ECB 1.1629 Perfect

USDCNY 1.3916 – 1.3988
ECB 1.3918 Perfect

EURCNY 7.4485 and 7.4358
ECB 1.4337 off 21 pips


EUR/USD 1.1647 -1.1629
EUR/JPY 132.57 – 132.13

GBP/CAD 1.7043 -1.7003.
USD/JPY 113.99 -113.61

USD/CAD 1.2372 – 1.2338
GBP/NZD 1.9273 -1.9209.

AUD/USD 0.7496 – 0.7467.
USD/CHF 0.9176 – 0.9158.

GBP/JPY 157.22 – 156.38
GBP/AUD 1.8461 – 1.8394

EUR/GBP 0.8455 – 0.8431.
CAD/CHF 0.7432 – 0.7409.

EUR/AUD 1.5573 – 1.5523
GBP/USD 1.3794 – 1.3754

CAD/JPY 92.25 – 91.84.

Nasdaq 15150.00 – 15064.00

Brian Twomey


EURUSD USDCNY EURCNY Fix 24 Hours Ahead Results

EURUSD 1.1653 -1.1630

ECB 1.1629 Perfect

USDCNY 1.3916 – 1.3988

ECB 1.3918 Perfect

EURCNY 7.4485 and 7.4358

ECB 1.4337 off 21 pips

View the concept as a prediction to exact price 24 hours ahead. To know this means to know exactly how to take trades.

EUR/USD for example ranged from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm EST from 1.1655 – 1.1621. See 1.1653 above.

I remain 40 miles ahead of the trading crowds and many, many banks and hedge funds.

Brian Twomey


EUR/USD violated 1.1665 on Tuesday by 3 pips then dropped. if 1.1665 held then 1.1665 to 1.1722 range. Nothing to trade nor write about from 1.1665 to 1.1722.

What’s 1.1722 today but a drop of 2 pips from yesterday. The line is holding steady all week and moved a total of 6 pips. As written last week, EUR/USD earned a place on the last ranking for this week and this was correct.

EUR/USD yesterday again challenged 1.1665 by trading to exactly 1.1665 then dropped yet again.
GBP/USD 1.3840 held all week and traded highs at 1.3832 then dropped. GBP/USD 1.3840 breaks higher then upper decks for GBP/USD.

EUR/USD yesterday traded to 1.1603 lows and in between 1.1617 to 1.1594. Highs at 1.1665 traded from 1.1632 to 1.1682.

GBP/USD traded to 1.3776 lows and in between 1.3764 and 1.3782 or low to mid range.

AUD/USD traded to 0.7459 and violated 0.7463 by 4 pips. Longs began with 4 extra pips added to profits.
Appearance is always deceiving for market prices becausae not all markets prices are the same, especially FX prices. For this reason, a market price cannot program on a computer because to many changes occurr to supports, resistance points and to ranges.

Then again, takes about 3 minutes by hand to factor a day trade for 1 currency pair and 5 and 10 minutes for weekly trades. The key respectfully is to understand the market price and this is where all fail the mission. Most are outside the price looking in when the proper method is go inside to look out. Explains why Elliott waves your money good bye and the impossibility for contributors to trade own recommendations.

AUD/USD question was at what time did 0.7459 trade. Lows within the proper day trade time frame actually traded to 0.7477 lows as 0.7459 achieved after 10 am and the time to exit day trades for the day.

Day trades for Americans grows much worse as the 2 week fall back time means day trades begin at 1.30 am. The choices are be ready or forget day trades because nothing will be left to trade.

Added today was the ECB’s EUR/USD Fix.

EUR/USD 5 numbers for today 1.1572, 1.1598, 1.1612, 1.1661 and 1.1692. No difference from yesterday and frankly, no difference all week.

GBP/USD 1.3726, 1.3756, 1.3772, 1.3831 and 1.3866.
AUD/USD 0.7449, 0.7468, 0.7475, 0.7506 and 0.7527.
USD/JPY 113.39, 113.64, 113.81, 114.24 and 114.53.


USD/CNY 6.3918 – 6.3878
ECB today 6.3988, off 70 pips
EUR/CNY 7.4425 – 7.4347
ECB today 7.4463, off 38 pips.

Problem I was actually off 1 pip to EUR/CNY and only a few pips for USD/CNY. I factored an extra step when none was required. When is a market price not a market price. This is the point when central banks contain the ability to stick it in your back and most don’t understand how it happens.


USD/CNY 6.3988 and 6.3916 See 6.3988.
EUR/CNY 7.4485 and 7.4358
EUR/USD 1.1653 and 1.1629.

Contact for weekly trades [email protected]

Brian Twomey

USD/CNY and EUR/CNY Fix Results

USD/CNY 6.3918 – 6.3878

ECB today 6.3988, off 70 pips

EUR/CNY 7.4425 – 7.4347

ECB today 7.4463, off 38 pips.

Problem I was actually off 1 pip to EUR/CNY and only a few pips for USD/CNY. I factored an extra step when none was required..

Later posts USD/CNY and EUR/CNY again.

Brian Twomey


EUR/USD shorts remain protected below 1.1724, yesterday 1.1721. The line moved 3 pips in 24 hours. A break of 1.1682 then targets 1.1712. Yesterday break 1.1671 target 1.1701, a difference of 11 pips in 24 hours. Bottoms target today 1.1582 and 1.1596, today 1.1594 and 1.1608, a difference of 12 pips. EUR/USD is balanced.

Post these day trades everyday is called , overkill. EUR/USD for the week traded barely 100 pips or 20 pips per day. Nothing exists to write.

The second purpose to day trades beside news are to trade multiple longs and shorts.

5 numbers apply to EUR/USD today 1.1594, 1.1617, 1.1632, 1.1682 and 1.1712. Failure to break above 1.1724 then the big short is upon us.

AUD/USD 5 numbers apply today 0.7463, 0.7482, 0.7489, 0.7521 and 0.7539.

NZD/USD 5 numbers apply today 0.7151, 0.7166, 0.7175, 0.7206 and 0.7225

EUR/JPY 132.19, 132.44, 132.65, 133.19 and 133.44. Technically, up price is located at 133.53 however EUR/JPY purpose in trading life is trade between EUR/USD and USD/JPY. Therefore the upper price rarely trades unless a big market event is seen. If 133.53 trades then bonus points are added to profits on the upside then to downside shorts.

GBP/USD 1.3737, 1.3764, 1.3782, 1.3842 and 1.3877.

USD/JPY 113.43, 113.65, 113.92, 114.31 and 114.59.

USD/CAD 1.2267, 1.2291, 1.2307, 1.2361 and 1.2392.

EUR/AUD range today 1.5612 to 1.5458.


USDCNY as Written 6.3872 and 6.4055
ECB yesterday 6.3927, off 55 pips.

EURCNY 7.4305 and 7.4372

ECB yesterday 7.4302, off 3 pips
Nearly perfect


USD/CNY today 6.3918 – 6.3878

EUR/CNY 7.4425 – 7.4347

Brian Twomey


Fxstreet won’t publish CNY but write blah blah stuff then no problem. Que sera sera as they say in barceloni.

EUR/USD shorts remain protected below 1.1721 anf for today from long term forecasts, 1.1620 an 1.1665 remain vital breaks for higher. Today’s vital upper points are located at 1.1671 to target 1.1701 then short. Bottoms target 1.1582 and 1.1596. Yesterday’s EUR/USD dropped from 1.1668 to 1.1616 lows.

GBP/USD 1.3840 dropped yesterday from 1.3832 to 1.3719. Today’s day trade highs are located at 1.3847 and 1.3856 to bump against vital 1.3840. Lows are found at 1.3733 and 1.3716.

AUD/USD tops today are located at 0.7524 and 0.7519. Then short. Weekly shorts begin at 0.7495. AUD/USD Lows today are located at 0.7448 and 0.7457. Then long.

Deeply oversold USD/CAD maintains big break at 1.2351 and traded 1.2408 and 1.2312 or 96 pip range in the last 4 trade days. Today’s top is located at 1.2416 and 1.2408 vs bottoms at 1.2292 and 1.2297.

While USD/CAD maintains deeply oversold status, EUR/USD sits neutral for any prices in the 1.1600’s.

USD/CNY Fix as written for yesterday reported 6.4354 and 6.4329 for 24 hours ahead. The ECB today informed 6.3890, a miss by 439 pips. The ECB changed the rules of the road for the day and its not unusual.

The 6.3890 Fix was derived from USD/CNH about 30 minutes prior to the ECB release. If USD/CNH was factored 30 minutes prior to ECB then a miss was realized at most 55 pips. Overall, 6.3890 was an impossible number to obtain from USD/CNY. Central bank dirty pool played on traders.

The methodology remains solidified without changes and appears its impossible to alter.
The positive to USD/CNY 6.4300’s forecast was a break lower offered a short trade for 500 pips. Don’t lose sight to trade able levels.

USD/CNY for today: 6.3872 and 6.4055.
EUR/CNY for today: 7.4305 and 7.4372.

USD/CNY and EUR/CNY Fix Today

USD/CNY Fix as written yesterday reported 6.4354 and 6.4329 for 24 hours ahead. The ECB today informed 6.3890, a miss by 439 pips. The ECB changed the rules of the road.

The 6.3890 Fix was derived from USD/CNH 30 minutes prior to the ECB release. If USD/CNH was factored 30 minutes prior to ECB then a miss was realized at most 55 pips.

The methodology remains solidified without changes.

The positive to 6.4300’s forecast was a break lower offered a short trade for 500 pips.

EUR/CNY as written 24 hours in advance reported 7.4644 and 7.4571. The ECB informed 7.4464, a miss of 107 pips. EUR/CNY was factored by the ECB 2 hours prior to the release. If the calculation was done 2 hours before the release then 7.4464 was nearly perfect.

EUR/CNY traded 500 pips today from the break at my reported 7.4644 and 7.4571.

USD/CNY for the next 24 hours: 6.3872 and 6.4055.
EUR/CNY for the next 24 hours: 7.4305 and 7.4372.

Brian Twomey

Day Trades: EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, CNY Fix

Currency pairs on this day all trade at vital inflection points. USD/CAD broke below 1.2351 and next comes 1.2204 at the long term average followed by 1.1808. Current USD/CAD trades deeply oversold as day trade highs today are located 1.2362 and upon a break then 1.2394.

On the topside is EUR/USD as it approaches 1.1620 and 1.1665. Day trade highs today are located at 1.1682 and on a break then 1.1713. The correct 50 day average is also located at 1.1712. Shorts are protected as long as 1.1722 holds.

GBP/USD 1.3840 and 1.3854 approaches however day trade highs today are located at 1.3809 and upon a break then 1.3844. Shorts are protected below 1.3743 and targets day trade lows at 1.3714 and 1.3706.

AUD/USD’s price path contains 2 vital points below: 0.7405 and 0.7312 at the long term average. AUD targets day trade highs at 0.7489 and upon a break then 0.7508. AUD/USD overall trades for the past 2 weeks at mid range and traveled higher from mid ranges.

USD/JPY highs and shorts today are located at 114.64 and 114.56 upon a break at 114.35.

As this day is the 19th and as reported, vital day trade information no longer exists. Fortunately, we don’t require services as all work is done by pen, paper and calculator.

More to this day trade point, time changes November 7 to fall back 1 hour. Day trades then begin at 8:30 pm and 1:30 am as markets work on the next 6 months to time changes. The ECB reports then at 9:00 am and bumps against day trade end of day.

USD/CNY and EUR/CNY Fix Forecasts

The ECB reported USD/CNY Fix yesterday at 6.4303. As reported 24 hours ago, high side 6.4350 and low at 6.4314. Off by 11 pips and extremely close.

USD/CNY next 24 hours 6.4354 and 6.4329. The next 24 hours refers to today’s ECB.


EUR/CNY was forecast at 7.4714 and 7.4665. The ECB reported 7.4617, off by 48 pips yet close as EUR/CNY trades 3 and 500 daily pips easily, more on volatile days.

EUR/CNY next 24 hours 7.4644 and 7.4571. Next 24 hours refers to today’s ECB at 10:00 am.

See 10:00 AM or the same time as option expiries, Gold Fix, minor USD news. The least concern is option expiries.

Brian Twomey