24 Hour FX Trades

From 24 hour trades, only requirement is place buy and sell orders and walk away. Trades, profits and targets are guaranteed. Currently, per currency pays 100 ish pips per day and the easiest trades ever devised. On 8 currencies = 800 ish pips per every 24 hours.

Market knowledge nor anything else is required to place and profit from 24 trades. A child of 10 can trade 24 hour trades and realize the same profits as a 40 year trader with experience.

We trade every trade day. The 24 hour trades doesn’t include 20 weekly currency trades nor the 2:30 am est trades sent every trade day for very short term traders.

I continue to surpass and obliterate retail traders, currency analysts and many, many hedge funds and banks. The secret is work and innovation in order to grow to make life and profits easier by learning better ways.

Brian Twomey

EUR Currencies Short and Long Term Averages

Vital averages from short to long term. Begins with EUR/USD and EUR currency pairs. GBP, AUD and many currencies will add over next few days. Averages should cover the next 12 months of trading at least.

EUR/USD 1.0731, 1.0991, 1.1006, 1.1406, 1.1512, 1.1541, 1.1847, 1.2405.
EUR/JPY 124.62, 127.19, 132.02, 136.98, 137.13.

EUR/CAD 1.3611, 1.3648, 1.4527, 1.4788, 1.4808, 1.4979, 1.5836.
EUR/NZD 1.4842, 1.5974, 1.6217, 1.6426, 1.6949, 1.7295, 1.8779.

EUR/AUD 1.4687, 1.4891, 1.5042, 1.5151, 1.5866, 1.6360, 1.7058.

Brian Twomey

24 Hour Trades and FX Next week

For next week, EUR/USD contains 3 hurdles in its price path: 1.0584, 1.0668, 1.0778. The extremes to bottoms from this current 1800 pip move are located at 1.0478, 1.0389, 1.0333. Targets are found at 1.0869, 1.0888, 1.0906 and overall, 1.0942.

For today’s 24 hour day trade, upside targets are located at 1.0709 and below at 1.0464. For the day’s 7 hour trade, upside targets are located at 1.1540 and 1.1567. For the 24 hour trade, EUR/USD must break 1.1567 but it can’t happen until after 10:00 am and the remaining 6 ish hours of trade.

EUR/USD upside to 1.0709 truly doesn’t matter as the day’s downside targets were met for 100 ish pips and we’re now working on upside targets to add to overall profit pips.

USD/JPY for the 24 hour trade achieved 140 pips, EUR/JPY 117 and GBP/JPY 167 pips. Total 424 pips. Trades were known and established yesterday afternoon and long before BOJ Blah blah pablum. A this stage to 24 hours, we’re working on downside targets to add to overall profit pips.

For 24 hour trades, required is place market orders to targets for longs and shorts. Then walk away and enjoy the day. Profits and targets are mathematically guaranteed. Again, profits and targets are mathematically guaranteed.

See btwomey.com for many examples. After posting a million pips to trade targets, makes no sense to further participate to write trades and targets again. And after 18 years of hard work to achieve what has been accomplished.

Overbought and oversold is irrelevant to targets as the primary trade. Stops and charts were irrelevant many years ago. Astoundingly irrelevant is the daily market talk or central bank words, prognostications and pablum. A market price doesn’t care especially if its yesterday’s news.

Today is German Inflation and US GDP. The market price saw this yesterday and doesn’t give a dam. Focus on market pablum means losing money and trade opportunities.

The amount of traded pips daily, weekly, monthly are finite and this phenomenon can’t ever change. Trade strategies are found inside the concept to traded pips rather than a strategy that may or may not fit the trades.

USD/JPY big line breaks are located at 129.54, 128.84 and 126.18. above 131.65.

USD/CAD Big Lines 1.2813, 12770, 1.2629. Above 1.2900’s are massive resistance

points especially when the 5 year average is located at 1.2990 and dropping by the day.

GBP/USD big lines 1.2828, 1.2675 and 1.2551. The 5 year average = 1.3176.

Brian Twomey

Correlation Shift: EUR/USD V USD/JPY, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, JPY Cross Pairs

Currency Markets for the past 2 and 3 years were defined as trading 100 and 200 pip weeks and wide rangers GBP/JPY, GBP/NZD, EUR/NZD, GBP/AUD, EUR/AUD trading 2 and 300 pip weeks. Certain fleeting instances, the amount of weekly traded pips would double. Currency markets over the past month to 1 1/2 months traded double the normal ranges to 100 and 200 pip days and more for wide rangers.

GBP/JPY for example traded an extraordinary 900 pips in the last 6 trade days at an average of about 400 pips every 3 days. GBP/JPY and USD/JPY on the way up from 114.00’s and 151 to 168 averaged about 200 pips on its best days over a 31 trade day period.

The extraordinary 200 pip GBP/USD moves over past days is explained by a break of the 5 year average at 1.3100’s and a target at 1.2670. GBP/USD as usual and by explanation as a dead laggard currency pair is extremely late to the game to breaks at the 5 year average.

EUR/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/JPY, CHF/JPY, EUR/AUD, GBP/AUD, GBP/CAD broke 5 year averages months ago. Vital to GBP/USD is longer term averages to include the 5 year completed trade to lower targets.

Vital is GBP/JPY tracking lower to GBP/USD. USD/JPY’s 2000 pip rise in 3 months had the assistance of +99% Correlations to JPY cross pairs. Rare to Correlate at a full 99% against a top at +1% however GBP/JPY as leader of JPY cross pairs appears to signal a wholesale Correlational change.

JPY cross pairs will now change its Correlational allegiance back to anchor pairs in an extraordinary market shift. EUR/USD then runs and correlates with EUR/JPY, GBP/USD to GBP/JPY, AUD/USD to AUD/JPY, NZD/USD to NZD/JPY.

CAD/JPY will always assume opposite correlations to USD/CAD as normal market order much the same as USD/JPY to CHF/JPY.

When JPY cross pairs shift back to anchor pairs adds an extraordinary power and strength to anchor pairs to signal markets will trade and favor risk trading. The early warning is higher EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD and NZD/USD as bottoms are here and all contain a long way to travel higher.

EUR/USD for example is deeply oversold from its 5 year average at 1.1500’s and targets easily 1.1100’s. We hold constant to EUR/USD targets at 1.1300’s and 1.1400’s. Note 1.0600’s to 1.1300’s or 600 ish pips. Perfect at the number 600 or twice 300.

By JPY cross pair correlational shifts means USD/JPY now sits and trades all alone as USD/JPY lost its main strength from assistance to JPY cross pairs. The JPY correlational shift applies to all USD, DXY and USD pairs in the EM space. The market order message is USD on the topside is finished and a top is here. USD/PLN offers an extraordinary short trade on the downside.

DXY at near 103’s is 400 pips above its top at 99.00’s. Nothing exists to DXY on a long trade as short is the only trade moving forward.

A JPY cross pair correlational shift applies to stock markets. Quite perfect to see SXP 500 at 4100’s as SPX position is at the lower end of a 12 month range from 4800’s to 4100’s or 700 points.

While GBP/USD led the charge lower to the 1.2600’s target, EUR/USD was dragged lower yet EUR/USD only traded 100 pips days. AUD/USD not only beat EUR/USD by trading more than 100 pips days, AUD/USD is the wildcard to the 5 year average targets.

AUD/USD targets 0.6800’s yet traded to 0.6900’s. Due to GBP/USD to achieve targets, EUR/USD at deeply oversold levels and JPY cross pairs at correlational shifts, AUD/USD at 0.6900;s may serve as 0.6800 target met and achieved.

USD/CAD and USD/JPY traded barely just over 100 pip days. USD/CAD was the better trade. USD/CAD is always the better trade as market leader to USD/JPY.

Using moving averages correctly as opposed to the imaginary averages employed by chartist, here’s EUR/USD targets: 1.0670, 1.0701, 1.0767, 1.0839, 1.0911, 1.1037, 1.1084.
EUR/USD contains 2 big hurdles today: 1.0623 and 1.0686 to target 1.0771. USD/JPY targets 126.61.

Brian Twomey

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127.73, 127.89, 128.05, 128.17, 128.37, 128.46, 128.54, 128.62, 128.70,128.86, 128.94, 129.03

For 3 weeks of 24 hour trades, EUR/USD and especially EUR/JPY hit targets perfectly. Written last week and a true statement was EUR/JPY is a neutral currency pair. The factor to neutral EUR/JPY is the relationship to USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CAD.

More importantly, neutral EUR/JPY and relationship to other currency pairs qualifies EUR/JPY as a middle currency along with GBP/USD and AUD/USD as most important middle currencies. Middle as opposed to EUR/USD top and NZD/USD Bottom. Neither EUR/USD nor NZD/USD moved Friday in relations to GBP/USD and AUD/USD at 200 and +100 pips.

The currency pairs, exchange rates and movements are inter related and explains EUR/JPY currently trading normal movements. Subtract the currency names below as EUR/JPY for example and align decimal points, no difference exists to the exchange rate numbers nor would anybody guess which currency pair matched to the correct numbers. Here’s where strategy becomes vitally important.

While USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CAD were compared to EUR/JPY, exchange rate numbers for today’s day trades are all the same. USD/JPY bottom at 127.73 = EUR/USD 1.0771 and 1.0777 tops.

As we’ve traded before many times on the Fxstreet site, match day trade exchange rate numbers to trades and much profit exists to trade longs and shorts for multiple currency pairs.

Current day trades run to 10:00 am EST and limited time. The 24 hour trades however are solid to run every hour for 24 straight hours and again for multiple longs and shorts per currency pair.

The 24 hour trades require shorter price path points as most significant as opposed to day trades by interest rates for 7 hours. Interesting is the inclusion of 24 hour trades to day trades by interest rates. The difference? a few pips. Currently in the vicinity of 20 and 30 pips. As markets settle from current wide range movements then 20 and 30 pips decreases.


1.2685, 1.2701, 1.2706, 1.2717, 1.2722, 1.2757, 1.2765, 1.2781, 1.2789, 1.2797, 1.2805, 1.2813


136.97, 137.14, 137.19, 137.31, 137.32, 37.74, 137.83, 138.00, 138.08, 138.17, 138.26, 138.35


1.2689, 1.2705, 1.2711, 1.2721, 1.2727, 1.2762, 1.2770, 1.2778, 1.2786, 1.2802, 1.2810, 1.2819

Day Trade Price Path

USD/JPY Bottom 127.73 = GBP/USD 1.2774, EUR/JPY 137.74, USD/CAD 1.2773
USD/JPY bottom is related to minor points 1.2774, 137.74, 1.2773.

USD/JPY 127.89 = GBP/USD 1.2786, EUR/JPY 137.91, USD/CAD 1.2789.
USD/JPY 127.89 is related to Significant points GBP/USD 1.2786, Minor point EUR/JPY 137.91 and Significant point USD/CAD 1.2789.

USD/JPY 128.05 = GBP/USD 1.2806, EUR/JPY 138.08, USD/CAD 1.2805
USD/JPY 128.05 is related to GBP/USD significant Point 1.2806, EUR/JPY significant Point 138.08 and most vital USD/CAD top at 1.2813.

USD/JPY 128.17 = GBP/USD 1.2819, EUR/JPY 138.17, USD/CAD 1.2813

USD/JPY 128.17 is related to GBP/USD top 1.2819, EUR/JPY 138.17 significant point and USD/CAD top 1.2813.

The day trade ends here. USD/JPY traded fairly dead over the past 3 days from 127.00 to 129.00. One can see why in relation to other currency pairs.

Brian Twomey

USD/JPY: Brief History

The BOJ’s economic experiment in the 1990’s was to Peg USD/JPY to the Money Supply and GDP. The success of Japan’s economy caused wild volatility to the Money Supply and in turn to USD/JPY. The BOJ intervened 215 times in the foreign exchange market to lower USD 97% of every intervention at a cost of 300.98 billion.

A central bank intervention in foreign exchange markets was common from the 1980’s to the days when intervention subsided post 2000. A central bank reaction always caused an equal reaction by other central banks.

As the BOJ intervened, the Fed intervened 32 times to raise USD at a cost of 8.4 billion and 48% of all transactions were against JPY.

The 1972 free float model was envisioned as interest rates connected to exchange rate movements. While intervention was a complete failure (hillibrand and others), I argued over years the proper intervention was employed by interest rate changes to solidify and maintain the interest and exchange balance. To intervene without interest rate support must clearly be marked as intervention failure as seen over past decades by many central bank intervention failures.

August 2000, the BOJ raised interest rates to 0.25 and USD/JPY dropped. USD/JPY in 2010 was 89.00 at an interest rate of 3.54 then lowered to negative by 2015 while USD/JPY skyrocketed from 89 to 125 by 2015.

Japanese Call rates today are -0.016 and a lower USD/JPY exchange rate as opposed to yesterday’s -0.019 and a higher USD/JPY. The BOJ’s only avenue is a lower negative interest rate to drop USD/JPY. In negative interest rate terms, -0.016 is a raise to interest rates while -0.019 lowers rates.

From 1874 to 1897, USD/JPY traveled from parity at 1 to USD/JPY 2. During the Gold standard of 1930, USD/JPY dropped from 2.3255 to 2.0408 within the year 1930. When Japan left the Gold standard in 1931, USD/JPY dropped 30% in a month and 60% by year’s end from 4.7619 to 3..3333 or 1, 4286 pips. (Ito).

An export embargo was in place and Japan’s economy was in shambles. When the United States went off the gold standard, USD/JPY traded to 9.0909.

In hindsight, Japan’s move was lift the export embargo particularly when Oil was crucial to the Japanese economy as imports would’ve lowered prices.

News announcements hit exchange rates immediately in the 1930’s and just as many speculators were involved in markets as much as today’s speculations. Each nation was a separate market as the day’s trading events were realized in each nation separately.

US markets responded to economic events in one way then Japan traded their own preferences. While US banks sold USD, Japan banks were buying Yen. Bids/ ASK spreads varied widely from market to market and nation to nation. Wire transfers were preferred methods of trade and trades were factored by pencil and paper much the same way as I factor by pen and paper.

At the start of free float trading in 1972, prices were obtained by a feed from New York much as the old stock exchange ticker tape revealed traded prices.

As the 1990’s USD/JPY peg to GDP and the money supply caused wild volatility, Inflation suffered to a severe deflationary environment. The 1990’s was termed the lost decade.

Japan’s rich and volatile history is defined by 2 factors: destructive economics or a natural disaster such as the 1930’s invasion of China then Manchuria, the war with Russia in 1905, the Katanya earthquake in 1923, the assassinations of the finance minister and other government ministers in the 1930’s.

Research suggests Bretton Woods was the only period when USD/JPY was stable however in all other periods from 1900 and the start of the BOJ in 1871 to current day, USD/JPY was volatile. The pattern historically, USD/JPY sits idle for long periods then volatility hits temporarily then USD/JPY sits ide again for long periods. USD/JPY waits on the explosion sure to come from Japan’s natural disasters or economic slowdowns.

Brian Twomey


Japan Call Rates trade today -0.019 and last week traded -0.008 to -0.013. The weekly range traded -0.001 to today’s -0.019. For the past 6 days, Call Rates traded from, 0.92 lows to 0.9920. or 7 points. Call rates rose since Tuesday April 12th.

The BOJ interest rates assisted to USD/JPY rise. In comparison to USD and Fed rates, every rise to Call Rates trades exactly 4 pips higher to USD/JPY. From this very basic to interest and exchange rates, the BOJ added a minimum of 28 pips today and much more to take this story to its conclusion.

A higher USD/JPY is a positive to exports but import prices suffer such as much required OIL for the Japanese economy to function.

If the BOJ raised headline interest rates to -0.15 from -0.10 then USD/JPY is added 300 pips higher to targets from 138 to current 135. At 135 is not necessarily an exchange rate that trades but it serves as the top rate in relation to interest rates.

The BOJ’s solution to exchange rates if a concern exists is to lower headline for a drop to USD/JPY. The best approach is eliminate negative interest rates and go positive. USD/JPY would stop dead in its tracks to further rises and drop like a rock.

Japan’s real GDP turned positive for the past 2 quarters at 1.6 and 1.3 but negative from January 2021 to January 2019. Real GDP in Japan hasn’t achieved a 2 handle since 2014.

Meanwhile the gang that can’t ever shoot straight applied Yield Control, stimulus, Inflation targets then raises daily interest rates to allow USD/JPY to rise.

To understand the Dr.’s of destruction that we call the BOJ, view all past economic experiments from the BOJ since the 1900’s. Every experiment and every economic road was a complete and total failure. The BOJ is to dangerous to be called a central bank and apply central banking nor should they be trusted.

USD/JPY above big breaks 128.33, 129.21, 130.10, 130.98, 131.87. Recall yesterday’s 9 year cycle from 90.00 to 120. The next cycle is expected down and the first target is 120.00’s.

GBP/JPY at 168 and 169 targets is close. The trend began at 147.00’s and GBP/JPY rose 2000 pips. The first drop to USD/JPY and GBP/JPY will hit hard and fast.

Brian Twomey

USD/JPY: 9 Year Currency Cycles and yearly Averages

USD/JPY’s historic range since 1995 traded 147 to 79 lows or 6800 pips and a 27 year mid point at 113.00’s. Current USD/JPY lifted from 113’s and 114’s to 126.00’s or 1200 pips.

Last time USD/JPY experienced such a violent move was 2016’s central bank interest rate changes when USD/JPY traded 2300 pips down then 1000 pips up.

USD/JPY’s current jump to 126’s began at 2021 lows at 102 or 2400 pips. From a yearly perspective, USD/JPY matches 2022’s at 1300 yearly pips and 2021 at 1300 pips measured from yearly lows and highs. Only other time USD/JPY exceeded 1300 yearly pips was 2014 when the ECB went negative interest rates as USD/JPY traded 2000 pips straight up and 1900 up pips in 2013. Year 2016 was unusual since 1995 as USD/JPY traded 2300 pips higher and 1000 pips lower.

Overall, 1300 yearly pips is fairly average for USD/JPY trading.

Since 2017, USD/JPY never exceeded an 1100 yearly pip range. A full currency cycle is measured in 9 years. Currency cycles are structured in either up or down periods over the 9 years. The current 9 year cycle from 2013 traded 5000 pips higher from 76.00 lows to 126.00’s while the previous cycle from 2012 to 2003 traded down 4800 pips.

The 9 year cycle from 1995 to 2004 was also a down period as USD/JPY traded 147 highs to 101 lows or 4600 pips. The current 9 year cycle from 5000 pips exceeded the past 2 cycles by 200 and 400 pips. The cycle from 1995 to 1984 ran straight up.
The past 4 cycles of 9 years ran up, down, down then the current up cycle. The next 9 year cycle if past is prologue forecasts a down cycle. A 9 year cycle is a 9 year trade in one direction for 5000 ish pips.

The full cycle traded from 360.00 highs to 79 lows over a 69 period and a mid point at 219. For 1/4 of 360 factors to 90.00 and 1/3 at 120.00.

USD/JPY Correlates to all JPY cross pairs at an extraordinary 99%. Vital averages are located at 125.34, 124.18, 120.39, 120.30.

GBP/JPY 163.48, 162.51, 159.29, 158.95. GBP/JPY 10 and 14 Year averages targets 168.54 and 169.34. GBP/JPY at 165 is close. GBP/JPY will lead USD/JPY and all JPY cross pairs lower.

Brian Twomey


Vital Averages

USD/JPY 125.34, 124.18, 120.39, 120.30

USD/JPY Correlates +99% to all JPY Cross Pairs

GBP/JPY 163.48, 162.51, 159.29, 158.95.

GBP/JPY 10 and 14 Year average targets 168.54 and 169.34.

EUR/JPY 136.11, 135.72, 132.72

USD/CAD 1.2597, 1.2538. Nothing happening here.

EUR/USD 1.0854, 1.0914, 1.1123.

DXY 100.44, 100.16, 100.02, 97.94, 97.31.


Long above 4.2868 to target 4.3075.

Short 4.3075 to target 4.3006.

Short below 4.2868 to target 4.2661.

Long 4.2661 to target 4.2734.

Big break for miles lower 4.1919. Targets 4.1600’s and 4.1400’s. Massive oversold, short, medium and long term. Great short when USD turns lower and EUR/USD higher.

Brian Twomey


While USD/JPY achieved March lows at 114.00’s, USD/CAD traded 1.2400’s and 1000 pips higher. Add EUR/JPY March lows at 124.00’s and viewed is USD/JPY’s explanation on a rampage higher to match USD/CAD and EUR/JPY. Naturally, EUR/JPY followed USD/JPY higher.

EUR/JPY is a highly neutral currency pair trapped between EUR/USD and USD/JPY yet more neutral when viewed against USD/CAD in a highly close exchange rate relationship. Once EUR/JPY traded and crossed above USD/CAD around 128.00’s, EUR/JPY was off the the races for 900 pips.

EUR/JPY’s historic position since WW2 is to forever trade above USD/JPY and competitive to USD/CAD. USD/CAD serves as the signal pair to EUR/JPY as much as NZD/USD is positioned to inform in regards to EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

Exactly, 2 separate currency markets exist as EUR/USD and GBP/USD vs AUD/USD and NZD/USD. EUR/USD’s 167 pips led the way yesterday as usual for EUR/USD while GBP/USD as the laggard currency to EUR/USD traded 113 pips. USD/CAD’s 120 pips fairly matched EUR/JPY at 93 pips and GBP/USD in a currency market battle for superiority.

NZD/USD lagged EUR/USD by a 65 pip trade day yesterday while AUD/USD managed 71 pips.

USD/JPY today trades 126.47 and USD/CAD trades 1.2596 or 51 pips. The second trade signal occurred when USD/JPY traded above USD/CAD. This allowed a free long trade to EUR/JPY.

USD/JPY now trades competitive to USD/CAD which means USD/JPY’s rampage is done and must now trade dead ranges alongside USD/CAD as easy profits are finished. Traders must earn today’s pips rather than given freely by Mr. Market.

Focus now shifts to JPY cross pairs to lead the way forward for USD/JPY and USD/CAD as 137.00 EUR/JPY trades 1000 pips above USD/JPY, USD/CAD and 2800 pips above EUR/USD.

GBP/JPY as the preferred short, trades 3800 pips above USD/JPY, 3900 above USD/CAD and 3400 pips above GBP/USD.

To the second currency market, AUD/JPY trades 1900 pips above AUD/USD or 1/2 to GBP/JPY 3800 and NZD/JPY 1700 pips trades above NZD/USD.

Historic leadership since the 2008 crash imposed by correlations experienced the 2nd side of the currency pair as positive correlations which means USD/JPY will lead JPY cross pairs lower rather than USD/CAD.

While USD/CAD provides currency markets with a signal to its perfect opposite GBP/USD, USD/CAD historically lacks leadership abilities. In certain short periods when spreads between GBP/USD and USD/CAD are wide then both GBP/USD and USD/CAD share the ability to reduce spreads. But neither are leader currencies. Current spreads run 500 ish pips and fairly normal for the USD/CAD and GBP/USD relationship. Which means no big moves expected as both trade normal ranges.

Major change to the currency trade lineup is instituted the 24 hour trade and the past 2 week trades are viewed and posted prior and seen at btwomey.com. Yesterday 8 currency pairs traded to profit 500 ish pips. Every EUR/USD pip traded yesterday was known, seen and traded for profit.

Brian Twomey

Day Trade Profits

From posted day trades yesterday for 8 currency pairs, profits were 466 pips and earned in 17 trade hours. The big winners were USD/CAD 123 pips, EUR/USD and USD/JPY at 100 each, EUR/JPY 45, AUD/USD 39, NZD/USD 20 and GBP/USD 36 pips. As of this writing. Currently, about 6 hours exist to remainder trades. Profits at 466 will travel higher. At 500 pips per day X 5 trade days = 2500 pips.

Day trade profits doesn’t include 20 weekly trades. Weekly trades are good for 1000 to 1500 pips easily, 2000 on good weeks.

We are matched by nobody, including banks and hedge funds.

Brian Twomey

FX Day Trades

Last day for day trade posts. Good trade day ahead. Created was a thing of beauty as were the 2012 trades, my interest rate trades for day trades and weekly trades. Trades don’t require anything to do except wait for the price and click.

Trades are good for 70 to 100 daily pips per currency. Nothing more I can do as I’m in do or die mode. The computer and exposure is obliterating my existence and the world of today’s trading favors all the wrong people and doing all the wrong things. Que Sera Sera.



Long target 1.0911. Levels: 1.0871, 1.0890, 1.0901.
Short 1.0911 to target 1.0891.

Short target 1.0788. Levels: 1.0831, 1.0820, 1.0812, 1.0804, 1.0796.
Long 1.0788 to target 1.0809. Levels: 1.0798.


Long target 0.7491. Levels: 0.7451, 0.7471, 0.7481.
Short 0.7491 to target 0.7471.

Short target 0.7376. Levels: 0.7411, 0.7391, 0.7381.
Long 0.7376 to target 0.7391.


Long target 1.3151. Levels: 1.3061, 1.3079, 1.3097, 1.3115, 1.3133.
Short 1.3151 to target 1.3115. Levels: 1.3133.

Short target 1.2935. Levels: 1.3025, 1.3007, 1.2989, 1.2971, 1.2953.
Long 1.2935 to target 1.2971. Levels: 1.2953.


Long target 1.2705. levels: 1.2629, 1.2644, 1.2659, 1.2673, 1.2688, 1.2703.
Short 1.2705 to target 1.2675. Levels: 1.2690,

Short target 1.2522. Levels: 1.2599, 1.2584, 1.2569, 1.2554, 1.2539, 1.2524.
Long 1.2522 to target 1.2553. Levels: 1.2537.


Long to target 126.53. Levels: 126.04, 126.28, 126.52.
Short 126.53 to target 126.29.

Short target 125.06. Levels: 125.56, 125.32, 125.08.
Long 125.06 to target 125.31.


Long target 165.29. Levels: 164.10, 164.33, 164.56, 164.79, 165.02, 165.25.
Short 165.29 to target 164.82. Levels: 165.06.

Short 162.44. Levels: 163.64, 163.41, 163.18, 162.95, 162.72, 162.49.
Long 162.44 to target 162.92. Levels: 162.67, 162.90.


Long target 137.14. levels: 136.40, 136.54, 136.68, 136.82, 136.96, 137.10.
Short 137.14 to target 136.85. Levels: 137.00, 136.86.

Short below 136.26 to target 135.37. Levels: 136.12, 135.98, 135.84, 135.70, 135.56. 135.42.

Long 135.37 to target 135.67. Levels: 135.51, 135.65.

Long target 0.6935. Levels: 0.6844, 0.6862, 0.6880, 0.6898, 0.6916, 0.6934.
Short 0.6935 to target 0.6899. Levels: 0.6917.

Short target 0.6716. levels: 0.6809, 0.6790, 0.6772, 0.6754, 0.6736, 0.6718.
Long 0.6716 to target 0.6753. Levels: 0.6734, 0.6752.

Brian Twomey

SPX 500 Day Trade

Long above 4426.49 to target 4493.12. Levels: 4437.59, 4448.69,4459.79, 4470.89, 4481.99,

Short 4493.12 to target 4470.91. Levels: 4482.02.

Short below 4426.49 to target 4359.86. Levels: 4415.39, 4404.29, 4393.19, 4382.09, 4370.99.

Long 4359.85 to target 4382.07. Levels: 4370.95.

Brian Twomey

NZD/USD Day Trade


Up target 0.6907. Levels: 0.6856,0.686 , 0.6876, 0.6886, 0.6996

Short 0.6907 to target 0.6887

Short target 0.6784. Levels: 0.6836, 0.6826, 0.6815, 0.6806, 0.6796

Long 0.6784 to target 0.6805.

SPX posted in early morning. Interested pairs or financial instruments, speak and I will post.

Interested in subscriptions [email protected]

Brian Twomey

FX Day Trades

Up target 1.0921. Levels: 1.0876, 1.0891, 1.0916.
Short 1.0921 to target 1.0901. Levels: 1.0911.
Below target 1.0801. Levels 1.0851, 1.0841, 1.0831, 1.0821, 1.0811.
Long 1.0801 to target 1.0821.



Up target 0.7514. Levels: 0.7456, 0.7467, 0.7478, 0.7489, 0.7500, 0.7511
Short 0.7514 to target 0.7491.
Below target 0.7376. Levels: 0.7434, 0.7423, 0.7412, 0.7401, 0.7390.
Long 0.7376 to target 0.7399. Levels: 0.7387, 0.7398.



Up Target 1.2677. Levels: 1.2628, 1.2638, 1.2647, 1.2657, 1.2676
Short 1.2677 to target 1.2658. Levels: 1.2668.
Below target 1.2619 to target 1.2560. Levels: 1.2610, 1.2601, 1.2592, 1.2583, 1.2574, 1.2565.
Long 1.2560 to target 1.2580. Levels: 1.2569, 1.2578.



Up Target 1.3065. Levels: 1.3036, 1.3050, 1.3064.
Short 1.3065 to target 1.3051.
Short target 1.2978. Levels: 1.3008, 1.2994, 1.2980.
Long 1.2978 to target 1.2993. Levels: 1.2985.


Up target 125.96. Levels: 125.36, 125.48, 125.60, 125.72, 125.84,
Short 125.96 to target 125.72. Levels: 125.84.
Short target 124.52. Levels: 125.12, 125.00, 124.88, 124.76, 124.64.
Long 124.52 to target 124.76.


Up target 163.81. Levels: 163.40, 163.60, 163.80.
Short 163.81 to target 163.61. Levels: 163.71.
Short target 162.58. Levels: 163.10, 163.00, 162.80, 162.60.
Long 162.58 to target 162.79.


Long target 136.88. Levels: 136.20, 136.33, 136.46, 136.59, 136.72,
Short 136.88 to target 136.61.
Short target 135.26. Levels: 135.94, 135.81, 135.68, 135.55, 135.42, 135.29.
Long 135.26 to target 135.53.

Brian Twomey

SPX 500, EUR/USD, Day Trades

SPX 500 Long 4394.47 and 4408.49 to target 4429.52. Levels: 4415.50, 4422.51, 4429.52.

Short 4478. 59 to target 4440.04. Levels: 4471.58, 4464.57, 4457.56, 4450.55, 4447.05, 4440.04.

SPX today is trading higher today which means USD/JPY lower.

EUR/USD 24 Hour Trade

EUR/USD. Short 1.0947 to target 1.0913. Levels: 1.0936, 1.0925, 1.0913.
Long 1.0857 to target 1.0891. Levels: 1.0868, 1.0879, 1.0891.

EUR/USD 9:30 pm Trade


 Long Short Line 1.0867

 Most Important 1.0836 and 1.0849 Vs 1.0873, 1.0880, 1.0887, 1.0894, 1.0908, 1.0915 and 1.0922

 Bottom 1.0812 achieves by 1.0839 and 1.0825

 Upper target 1.0922

 Continuation Fail 1.0894

EUR/USD Tuesday Day Trade

Long Short Line 1.0869

 Most Important 1.0838 and 1.0851 Vs 1.0875, 1.0882, 1.0889, 1.0896, 1.0910, 1.0917 and 1.0924

 Bottom 1.0814 achieves by 1.0841 and 1.0827

 Upper target 1.0924

 Continuation Fail 1.0896

Note Long 1.0857 Vs 9:30 1.0849, 1.0839. Tuesday, today 1.0838, 1.0841, 1.0851.

Target 1.0891 Vs 9:30 1.0894, Tuesday 1.0889.

Note 9:30 1.0849 Vs 1.0894. Vs Tuesday today 1.0851 and 1.0896.

Short 1.0947 Vs 9:30 at 1.0922, Tuesday 1.0924. May not see 1.0947 but 5 hours remain in normal day trades and 12 hours for the 24 hours trades.

The 24 hour trades are the exact same only on a slightly wider scale and equally math perfect. Slight problem for no chart but not required yet traders today are addicted to pictures. Traders see numbers, numbers, numbers and the eyes glaze over. Mention math and they go into a coma.

Best trades today EUR/USD and AUD/USD, USD/CAD then see GBP/USD.

Brian Twomey

FX Day Trades

USD/JPY, EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY normal morning day trades were perfect. To the posted method, trades were off. 2 options exist to factor USD/JPY and JPY cross pairs. The first option failed yet the 2nd option worked perfectly. Which method is right and will hold in the future. The fist method must be the factor.

Note USD/JPY higher and SPX lower. USD/JPY held its average and traded higher while SPX broke below 4497. USD/JPY is the same exact financial instrument as SPX. Its impossible for USD/JPY and SPX to correlate positively.

USD/JPY and JPY cross pairs correlate 99%. The relationship reached its peak and ready to bust wide open.

Subscribers to the new method will receive more vital information. Trades run 24 hours. Multiple long and short trades exist.

Day Trades next 24 Hours

EUR/USD. Short 1.0947 to target 1.0913. Levels: 1.0936, 1.0925, 1.0913.
Long 1.0857 to target 1.0891. Levels: 1.0868, 1.0879, 1.0891.

AUD/USD short 0.7474 to target 0.7446. Levels: 0.7465, 0.7456, 0.7446.
Long 0.7414 to target 0.7432. Levels: 0.7426, 0.7432, 0.7435.

USD/CAD Short 1.2658 to target 1.2629. Levels: 1.2643, 1.2636, 1.2629, 1.2614. Watch 1.2639
Long 1.2541 to target 1.2583. Levels: 1.2555, 1.2562, 1.2569, 1.2583, Watch 1.2561.

GBP/USD Short 1.3070 to target 1.3037. Levels: 1.3053, 1.3045, 1.3037, 1.3029.
Long 1.2971 to target 1.3007. Levels: 1.2983, 1.2995, 1.3007, 1.3014.

NZD/USD Short 0.6863 to target 0.6853.
Long 0.6803 to target 0.6813.

USD/JPY Short 126.20 to target 125.76. Levels: 126.04, 125.88, 125.72, 125.56, 125.40, 125.24, 125.08, 124.92
Long 123.57 to target 124.01.

Caution USD/JPY.

Brian Twomey


I sent this to FX Dumbstreet at the request of many loyal followers here to maintain exposure. The laugh is 2 or 3 from dumbstreet are followers here. Thank you to all followers, friends, readers, traders and interested parties.

The question to this writing was this statement: NZD maintains paces with SPX. Early doors says this is correct. But its the math behind SPX and NZD day trades that makes it correct.

Peter once said GBP/CHF as a neutral currency while this guy I know uses GBP/JPY. I can post GBP/JPY and show GBP/JPY is not the right currency. Possibly USD/JPY but USD/JPY depends on ranges and math behind day trades. Currently, USD/JPY won’t work.

Overall, currencies and SPX are separate instruments and each contains specific entries and targets. I’m screwing off with this post as I wanted to see SPX and NZD/USD day trades separately and I found my answers. However as I’ve shown trading USD/CLP and Copper and the trade of multiple currencies at the same time, its not hard to trade 2 separate instruments. It contains much detail for correctness however and today’s crowds aren’t interested if its not on a chart and visible.

SPX 500 traded its best days last Tuesday at 79 and Thursday at 70 points. NZD/USD traded its best days last Tuesday at 101 pips and 72 pips Friday. While SPX traded 43 pips last Monday, NZD/USD ranged 63 pips. NZD/USD beat SPX Tuesday by 101 Vs 79. Wednesday 71 Vs 53 SPX.

Then SPX beat NZD/USD Thursday by 70 Points vs 40 pips. NZD/USD resumed normality Friday by a beat to SPX by 72 vs 45 points for SPX.

SPX Ranged last week 143 points from 4593.62 to 4450.57. This gives us an average right at 29 points which means if trader profits were 29 ish points per day then the average was met to points. NZD/USD traded 212 pips from 0.7033 to 0.6821 or 42 points per day. This 42 points for NZD is a bit high and results from the 101 pip spike on Tuesday.

SPX 143 points is a god send to free money profits as much as 212 pips for NZD/USD.
SPX for the week contains 2 big points: 4497.99 and 4522.25 or 24 points. How close is 4522? I have 4521. Points and pips truly matter because it determines if a vital average will hold or break lower or higher.

The question Pips matter is huge and highly informative to day trades but I can’t show it because of FX Dumbstreet people views.

NZD/USD big breaks are located at 0.6927 and 0.6856 or 71 pips. Overall, SPX 24 Vs NZD/USD at 71. NZD/USD ranges reveals NZD/USD will continue to beat SPX and not by very much as 42 day trade points will drop as the next trade day ends.

A day trade for any financial instrument is a monster especially to hit entries and targets perfectly. Targets are never the question but entries are the whole keys to profits. A day trade must re factor everyday as every trade day is vastly different to entries and targets.

SPX Day Monday Day Trade Monday levels 4544.07, 4538.29, 4532.50, 4523.82, 4517.31, 4512.43, 4488.00, 4483.11,4478.23,4471.72,4463.04,4451.47.

Strategy. Long 4463.04 and 4471.72 to target 4532.50 and 4538.29. Short 4538.29 and 4532.50 to target 4504.55. Trades = 69 and 33 points.

Nothing stops SPX from trade to 4544.07 nor is it stopped from trading to 4532.50. The same principle holds for 4451.47.

While the list of levels is long, only 5 numbers apply and exactly as a day trade for currencies. The presentation to set ups are exactly the same.

SPX Weekly Trade

Levels: 4664.93,4646.98,4638.00,4629.03,4575.17,4561.71,4548.24

Strategy. Short 4646.98, 4638.00,4629.03 to target 4606.59. Long 4413.59 and 4395.64 to target 4449.50.

Brian Twomey