BOJ Tona Charts

30, 90 and 180 day Tona charts and the best public view available but also the best that may ever be seen.

Correct = 30 day in red trades above Blue 90 and 90 day trades above Green 180 day. The 30 day is descending while 90 day Blue is rising. As Shinici highlighted in the August 2nd speech, the BOJ controls short term interest rates and won’t allow the 30 and 90 day crossover as the consequences for USD/JPY is enormous in big movement terms. The BOJ will come to the USD/JPY rescue in order for USD/JPY to trade 200 pip weekly ranges and trade lower on a slow gradual basis.

Brian Twomey

5 thoughts on “BOJ Tona Charts

  1. Hello Brian, Great analysis as usual. Where might I get access to this type chart? Hope all is well and thanks. Rob

    1. Hi Rob, BOJ search = Tona. Top right click Study Group on Risk Free Reference rates. See 5th Down, click Quick = Production Rates.
      A chart will appear as well as Tona Rates

      1. BINGO! Now that made it easy. I was at the BOJ site scratching my head thinking i wasn’t following your instructions correctly. Thank you

      2. Hi Rob,
        I just found the site. Most vital information to central banks and market traders is always extremely difficult to find on central bank sites. They bury the info on purpose. Persistence pays. Take care

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